California Couple Loses Everything Twice in a Year Due to Horrifying Wildfires

by Kati Michelle

Luck. Some people have it, some people don’t. Within the luck spectrum, some people seem to have a lot of it, and others feel like they don’t have any at all. The “Gold Rush” series actually debates this concept quite a bit. Recently, a pretty unlucky mishap involving a truck sinking into a boat ramp also made headlines. In fact, the whole thing streamed out to a live audience through Live TV. At least the truck didn’t catch on fire, I guess. Speaking of wildfires, though…

California, as a whole, continues to get hit with a slew of bad luck, it seems. Wednesday night, for example, brought on 1,100 lighting strikes in a single night and a whole lot of chaos with it. The continuous sparks and growing wildfires are relentless in their destruction. To that end, to say some locals are unlucky is a serious understatement. Take it from this California couple who lose everything they had twice now in the span of just a year due to the horrifying wildfires.

Wildfires Strike Again and Again and Again

Joan Carter and her husband, Dan, prefer small-town life to bustling cities hands-down. A lot of you Outsiders can probably relate to that mindset. That’s also why the couple chose to call Greenville, California their home. Joan Carter told CNN: “We fell in love with the people of Greenville. It was a community to us more than a place.”

“Was” as in past-tense, because their time in Greenville came to a rather abrupt end with the Bear Fire last year. This particular wildfire affected all of the town’s 1000 citizens, but actually burned the Carter family’s house down to the ground. They needed to relocate and chose another small town about 70 miles away. They thought this distance seemed safe enough, but boy was they wrong.

With the recent Dixie fires, their new home didn’t stand a chance. Actually, the couple did not even get the opportunity to finish building the house. They just recently laid down their new home’s foundation earlier this summer season and now not even that is left over.

CNN shared video footage of a California town completely leveled by the wildfires. You can watch it here.


Still, despite the couple’s unfortunate circumstances, Joan and her husband, Dan, are actually in good spirits. Surrounded by a tight-knit community, they don’t feel daunted in their re-building efforts this time around. They provided CNN with this powerful statement:

“When this happened again, we just said we’re done running. It’s a small place, we know each other, and we suffer together and we’re going to triumph together.” Carter continued on to explain what gets the couple through: “Our faith gets us through. In the Bible, God says ‘I will give you beauty for ashes.’ And heaven only knows we’ve got plenty of ashes.”

Their daughter started a GoFundMe page for them and it looks like they are already halfway to a goal of $10,000.