California Dixie Fire: Thousands Are Forced to Evacuate, State’s Largest Active Blaze Burned Nearly 241k Acres

by Shelby Scott

As wildfires rampage across Western states, thousands of people have been forced to evacuate their homes. The state’s largest and fastest-growing fire, the Dixie Fire, has burned nearly 241,000 acres, or the equivalent of 375 square miles.

Fire crews in the western region of the country prepare for the wildfires that frequent California and its neighboring states annually. However, the fires have only become larger and more unpredictable with the ever-growing problem of climate change.

According to the Daily Mail, climate change has made the West “much warmer and drier in the past 30 years.” Because of this, wildfires only look to be more frequent and destructive in the following years.

Fire Crews Fight to Protect Homes from the Dixie Wild Fire

Currently, the Dixie Fire has caused 16,500 people to evacuate as fires continue to expand and strengthen. “The evacuations are becoming an unwelcome routine,” for people living in the town of Paradise the article continued. For the moment, firefighter crews manage to hold the fire back from Paradise, earlier destroyed during the 2018 Camp Fire. The Camp Fire caused 85 fatalities and earned itself the label of the deadliest fire in the state’s history.

Despite crews’ success in keeping the fire from leveling Paradise thus far, it is far from contained. The Dixie Fire is only 24 percent contained at the current moment. Dixie has leveled 42 homes and continues to threaten 10,000 more according to California’s wildfire agency.

Further, the Dixie Fire fused with the Fly Fire last week. The two blazes combined to destroy dozens of other houses in Indian Falls, CA. In total, 80 large wildfires continue to burn across the western region of the country. As if that weren’t enough, officials have shared that smoke columns created by the fires may induce lightning storms capable of spawning even more fires.

Northern California Encounters Terrifying Weather Phenomena Due to Raging Wild Fires

To the fire crews working to contain the wildfires rampaging across the western United States, Outsider tips their hat to you. We pray all go home safely. In a video shared on KSBW Action News 8‘s Twitter account earlier in July, viewers watch a bone-chilling firenado rip through Northern California near Mount Shasta. The firenado in the video originates from the larger Tennant Fire that raged through Siskiyou County. Crews have since contained the fire.

Nevertheless, the current destruction is horrifying and seemingly larger than ever. However, firefighter equipment companies are racing to compete. One has begun working to create better, faster equipment to help in the prevention and containment of wildfires. Equipment manufactured by California’s firefighting agency, Cal Fire, helps crews more rapidly find and contain the start of a blaze. In this way, crews are better able to protect the state’s wildlands.

According to Lynne Tolmachoff, Cal Fire’s spokeswoman, the new technology acts as a weather forecast for wildfires. It helps crews determine at-risk areas and potential paths and destruction ahead of time. Now, firefighters are given a little more time to prepare their gear and equipment to best contain the flames.