California Mountain Lion Caught After Leading Authorities Through Yards on ‘Lengthy’ Chase

by Clayton Edwards

In California, mountain lions are fairly common. Of course, they aren’t usually roaming neighborhoods but their numbers are considered stable. With their habitat behind destroyed by wildfires and development, seeing them in populated areas is becoming more common. Residents in a suburban California neighborhood had a wild time this morning. Doorbell cameras caught the images of a big cat prowling the neighborhood. Luckily sheriff’s deputies were able to tranquilize the cat and move it back to the wild and away from people.

This isn’t the first time Californians have had to deal with big cats in their back yards. Back in September, a mountain lion stalked children in a suburban neighborhood. This particular cat had been forced out of his habitat by wildfires.

The Case of the Suburban California Mountain Lion

The Orange Country Sheriff’s Department Air Support Division posted about the incident on Instagram this morning.

According to the post, the air support team responded to reports of a big cat in the Santa Ana area. It did not take them long to find the now infamous California mountain lion. The cat was in a resident’s back yard. After locating the cat, they alerted county and state police as well as game wardens to the location.

A lengthy backyard foot pursuit ensued. Authorities trailed the cat through the neighborhood. Before long, they were able to tranquilize and relocate the cat. In some areas of California, mountain lion sightings are going up. The big cats will attack humans and pets alike.

A Tennessee Tiger?

California isn’t the only place with big cat sightings. Earlier this year, a tiger was reportedly stalking the Knoxville, Tennesee area. A Knox Country Sheriff’s deputy as well as several citizens spotted the cat in early September. Social media and national news outlets were abuzz with the possibility of a tiger roaming the college town. Despite efforts by authorities and private citizens, the cat was never located.

Some residents posted photos of the cat while others flooded their feeds with tiger memes. Later, the Tennesee Wildlife Resources Agency announced that the tiger sightings were a case of mistaken identity. Authorities never located a bobcat in the area.

Whether you’re in a rural community or a suburban cul de sac if you see a big cat stay away from it. We all remember the zoo employee who lost their arm on “Tiger King.” Big cats are dangerous, even if they are pretty.