California Mountain Lion Continues to Patrol Neighborhood it Apparently Runs Now

by Megan Molseed

He is possibly the most famous mountain lion in the world. Known as P-22, the famed mountain lion first gained popularity almost a decade ago when he was seen in a National Geographic feature. This feature detailed the P-22’s brave journey to the Los Angeles area where he has since come to reside. A journey that, for most lions like himself, has proven to be nearly impossible.

P-22 is believed to have traveled along a 50-mile long route; moving from the California Santa Monica Mountains to Griffith Park in Los Angeles.

This journey required the brave mountain lion to cross the 101 Freeway, and the infamous 405 Freeway. A journey that most other lions have simply been unable to survive.

While P-22 has remained in the area since around 2012, there seems to be one particular neighborhood that the mountain lion enjoys visiting regularly.

“You know that he’s here, but to just see him, it’s a just a rush,” noted one Hollywood Hills resident of the unique, and fairly famous, visitor.

A security camera on a Hollywood Hills home caught a glimpse of the big cat early Saturday morning. Showing the big cat strolling along the neighborhood sidewalks.

This camera was the same one that spotted the famous mountain lion in the same area one year ago.

The Famous Mountain Lion Finds Time To Patrol The Neighborhood

The footage shows P-22 roaming the streets of the Hollywood Hills Neighborhood at about 1:30 a.m. Saturday morning.

“Obviously, it’s amazing that you’re seeing this great wild cat walk past your door,” continued the fifteen-year-old neighborhood resident, Lana.

“It can be a little scary,” she added. “You know he is a predator and he’s really close to where you are.”

The animal has been tracked regularly by area wildlife officials since 2012 when the mountain lion is believed to have made the 50-mile journey into Griffith Park.

Residents in Griffith Park note that they are aware that the famous mountain lion is around, but it’s still pretty amazing to see the majestic wild cat roaming their neighborhood.

Neighbors say that the mountain lion is known to hang out regularly in the canyon behind the Griffith Park homes. He is likely walking up a set of stairs leading from the canyon into the residential area. P-22 makes his visits, they say, when he is in search of a good meal.

That Time Of Year; P-22 Is Looking For Some Food

“What P-22 and all mountain lions are going to follow is the deer,” noted Beth Pratt one of the wildlife experts following P-22. “So, if the deer are moving, they’re gonna be moving in that direction as well.”

Many area residents who have been following P-22’s journey over the years are currently working on an effort to raise funds to construct an animal crossing over the 101 Freeway. This crossing will allow wildlife such as mountain lions and deer, among others, to travel out of the area safely.

The National Wildlife Foundation reports that it is just $6 million short of the project’s $80 million goal.

“You need to be able to respect that this is their place and your place,” Lana said of the importance of watching out for this famous mountain lion, as well as other animals who may be roaming the area. “There’s ways that we can be both safe and live together.”