California Mountain Lion Killed by Official After Attacking 5-Year-Old Child

by Courtney Blackann

In a harrowing attack that left a child severely injured, officials in California have shot and killed the mountain lion responsible.

While the child’s mother was able to fend off the wild animal bitting it multiple times, it still left a Calabasas boy injured. The attack happened Thursday, per Patch. Interestingly, the family wasn’t hiking or out in some remote area. The 5-year-old was attacked in his front yard while playing.

He received wounds to his neck and torso, reports indicate. The boy was taken to a hospital and treated for injuries. He’s expected to make a full recovery.

The animal was located still lurking in the area of the attack once wildlife officials arrived at the scene.

“Due to its behavior and proximity to the attack, the warden believed it was likely the attacking lion,” according to the California Department of Fishing and Wildlife.

The animal was taken out by officials at the scene. They then tested the animal’s blood to confirm it was the mountain lion that attacked the young boy. Test results confirmed it was the same lion involved in the attack.

Additionally, the animal was found to be around 65-pounds. While it’s unclear what spurred the attack, authorities also located another mountain lion in the area and tranquilized it. Test results from that animal’s blood showed it was not involved in the boy’s attack.

When Animals Attack

Wild animals are known to have a few run-ins with humans. In another region, a man nearly escaped an attack by a wild bobcat.

“I’m just a little shell-shocked. I mean, I’ve never had anything quite like that happen to me,” says Scott Jackson of Eastwood, North Carolina.

The man, like the child, was in the driveway of his own home unloading groceries. He noticed something odd, however. His chickens seemed to be scattering at a quick pace. That’s when he sensed the animal’s presence.

Jackson turned around to see a bobcat staring at him. It was a complete shock. The man said he tried to slowly back away. But that’s when the animal pounced on him.

“That’s when he crawled on me and took me down on the carport,” Jackson tells local ABC 11 News.

Luckily, Jackson was able to fight back and twist the bobcat’s paw in such a way that the feline released him.

The man didn’t escape unharmed, however. He was treated for multiple puncture wounds. Emergency officials said Jackson was lucky to be alive after such an attack.

It’s not a usual occurrence for bobcats to attack – especially in the driveway of someone’s home.

Jackson is recovering from his injuries and knows now to be on the lookout while he’s in his yard.