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California Wildfires: Sequoia National Forest Rangers Wrap Buildings Like ‘A Big Baked Potato’

by Jennifer Shea
David McNew/Getty Images

The Kern Canyon Ranger Station in Sequoia National Forest in California looks like a giant baked potato.

Forest rangers there have resorted to some unorthodox methods to protect buildings from the approaching wildfires, according to the New York Post.

California National Forest Rangers Explain the Process

The U.S. Forest Service shared a handful of photos and on-the-ground accounts on social media documenting their efforts to save structures from the SQF Complex Fire. On Facebook, a firefighter offered his perspective on the idea behind the process.

“The main structure stood tall in the center of the clearing, sparkling and reflecting the sunlight,” the firefighter wrote. “A truly incredible sight. It had been entirely wrapped and secured in structure-wrap (similar looking to aluminum foil).” 

On Sunday, California reached a major and devastating milestone. Four million acres have burned across the state this year. And, not to mention, two months remain in what officials call the fire season.

At least 31 people have died in the state in wildfires this year. Furthermore, more than 8,454 structures have burned down.

CalFire announced on Sunday that over 8,200 wildfires have struck California since the beginning of the year. Roughly 16,500 firefighters are at work. They are still battling 23 major wildfires currently blazing across the state.

The SQF Complex Fire alone has burned over 156,435 acres, ABC 30 reported. As of Sunday, 150 structures had been destroyed. And 3,183 remained threatened by the blaze. 

More than 1,400 firefighters are currently pushing back the SQF Complex Fire.

On Sunday, CalFire warned that temperatures would remain high across the state. But officials expect a cooling trend to set in over the course of the week, with temperatures dropping each day, the Post reported.

“More seasonal temperatures expected by the end of the week, with a chance of some precipitation in the most northern part of the state,” CalFire said.