California Wildfires: Viral Video of Firenado Hits the Internet and Terrifies Social Media

by Chris Haney

California has been wrecked by multiple enormous wildfires recently, but a viral video is showing another menacing force of nature the state is having to deal with: a firenado.

The viral video captures the rare fiery tornado looming over the Golden State, which has appropriately been given the nickname “Hellifornia.”

“Holy s–t!” says a shocked bystander in the video. Flashing lights are seen and sirens are heard in the background of the video. Therefore, the video seems to be filmed by a cell phone from a firetruck in the area.

Of course, the wild clip has already garnered 5.7 million views on Twitter. However, the video did not share any details on exactly when or where it was filmed in California.

The video shows the land ravaged by wildfires all around the area. In the distance, the footage captures red embers thrown high into the sky in a tornado-shaped funnel. Firenadoes are created when a gust of hot air blows through the fire at a certain angle, producing plumes that appear similar to a tornado.

The rare weather event was also spotted last month in California near the Nevada border. Accordingly, the firenado prompted the National Weather Service to warn of “extremely dangerous fire behavior.”

Firenado Reactions on Twitter

Many that viewed the viral firenado video mentioned how terrifying the footage was. Yet, they said it seemed appropriate for 2020.

Multiple strange occurrences have dominated the news so far this year. First, former NBA star Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash. Then a global coronavirus pandemic swept across the country. Later, murder hornet sightings in America was a thing. Recently wildfires have ravaged the west coast. Meanwhile, firenadoes are the newest trend of 2020.

In fact, some Twitter users thought the firenado fit right in with the other strange events of 2020.

At this rate, firenadoes will not be the last oddity of the year, so stay tuned.

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