California Woman’s Dog Dies After Defending Her From Mountain Lion Attack

by TK Sanders

A heroic family dog that saved his owner from a mountain lion attack in Northern California has died from its injuries. Erin Wilson, 24, said her beloved dog Eva, a 2.5-year-old Belgian Malinois, began experiencing seizures after the attack.

Wilson took Eva to the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, but the dog’s condition only worsened. Wilson announced the dog’s death soon after on Instagram.

“We said goodbye at 9:20 this morning,” the post said, as reported by Fox News. “There were no changes to her condition overnight. Goodbye my beautiful sweet girl. You are my world, my light, my best friend. The world is a much darker place.”

Wilson was walking with Eva along the Trinity River last month in California when the mountain lion lunged from the woods and scratched her shoulder. Eva jumped in to help immediately and paid the ultimate price.

“She was only a few yards ahead of me and attacked the lion,” Wilson wrote soon after the attack on a GoFundMe page to help pay for the dog’s vet bills. “They battled for a few moments until I heard her cry. The cat had her by the left side of her head. For the next several minutes I tried everything I could to free her.”

The dog had sustained fractures to her skull, and a puncture and swelling around her left eye. Once the dog passed, Wilson updated the GoFundMe.

“We said goodbye,” she wrote. “We love you Eva. You’re my whole world.”

Another mountain lion attack went viral in April

Mountain lions have been making headlines all year it seems. Back in April, doorbell footage of a mountain lion that hunted and killed a whitetail deer went viral.

The video begins with a bang — don’t blink once you press play. Two deer run down a snowy road in the glow of eve lights from homes around the neighborhood. A third whitetail appears in the upper-right corner of the footage, as well. Then the mountain lion darts into the shot extremely fast.

The big cat effortlessly stalks the deer and pounces on it as it tries to turn the corner. Then the lion brings its kill to the ground in a flash. Finally, it holds the whitetail on its back on top of what appears to be a cement neighborhood sidewalk.

“[The mountain lion] holds on until all life is gone,” writes Brock Rosen in the YouTube video description. “Only nature could be so awesome and yet, so dreadful.”

The USDA estimates that lions hunt and kill big prey like whitetail deer once every week or two.

“A lion kill will often have puncture wounds on the back of the neck or head, where the lion frequently bites the animal. There may also be other puncture injuries to the neck and jugular areas,” the USDA explains in a mountain lion pamphlet. “Lions do not chew ears off a carcass and will begin eating in the stomach area directly behind the ribs. Lions will try to pluck or trim the hair from around the area where they first start to feed.”