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Camper Battles and Kills Mountain Lion with Machete After It Attack His Dog in Intense Video

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Avalon/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

One man really would do anything to protect his best friend.

Somewhere in British Columbia, Canada, a man is outside with his dog camping. While the two seemed to be enjoying themselves before, suddenly a mountain lion joins the party.

If you’re squeamish at all or don’t do well with blood or violence, the video below is something you should definitely avoid. It contains extremely graphic content.

Man Kills Mountain Lion Attacking Dog

There is another man filming from his truck. He captures the moment in which the mountain lion pounces on a nearby dog and begins to clamp down on its neck. Just when things going downhill quickly for the dog, the man swoops in to help.

The owner suddenly swoops into the frame and begins swinging at the cougar with a machete. Eventually, the man hits the mountain lion enough times to actually kill it, which means it releases its hold on the dog’s neck.

In the video, you can actually see that the dog seems to be hit by one of the man’s desperate machete swings. Although it’s a beyond gruesome display, the dog did in fact reportedly survive the attack. It’s a pretty epic display of a man’s devotion to his furry best friend.

At the end of the video, you can hear the man say, “hey dips**t, you’re next” to the person recording the entire interaction. Instead of helping, he sat in his car recording. Mountain lions can sometimes be spooked by loud noises. The person in the truck could have attempted honking the horn, revving the engine, or making any kind of noise at all.

It makes sense that he didn’t want to be near a mountain lion when it’s in attack mode. However, there could have been other actions beyond just filming. There’s very little context attached to this video. It’s hard to know exactly what went on before and after the attack.

Woman Saves Dogs from Bear

Mountain lions are incredibly dangerous and somewhat terrifying, but a bear may top them in terror-factor entirely.

In June of this year, a woman decided to go one-on-one against a bear. The bear was beginning to climb over the fence that leads into the woman’s backyard in Bradbury, California.

The black bear is standing on the ledge of the brick fence and begins to swat at the dogs in the backyard that are approaching it and barking. Instead of running to hide inside, the woman full-on runs at the bear and tackles it linebacker style.

The bear seems to get the hint and backs off from the fence. Meanwhile, she hurriedly gets all her dogs back inside before the bear can come back. It was an impressive, somewhat dangerous and reckless, yet highly successful, move on the woman’s part.

All in all, it does look like there are few things people wouldn’t do to protect their beloved pets from any danger.