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Camping 2020: All the New Rules and Guidelines You Need to Know

by Hunter Miller
(photo credit: Dominik Jirovsky / Unsplash)

Camping in 2020 looks a little different than it used to. With the coronavirus pandemic still going on, there are a number of new rules and guidelines for campgrounds and national parks. Be fully prepared for your next camping trip by following these tips below:

Book Online

Research your preferred destination before arriving. Many locations are closed or have specific restrictions to meet health guidelines. Also, if you have the coronavirus or are showing symptoms, don’t visit a campsite.

There are a number of apps that help make booking your trip easier than ever. For example, Recreation.gov alone books reservations for more than 100,000 sites.

Stay Local

Health experts recommend staying within 50 miles of your home. If there’s a national park or outdoor recreational area near you, consider selecting one of those options as your camping spot. Staying local reduces the chances of spreading the virus far and wide. Not to mention, you may be able to help support local businesses by doing so.

Be Prepared to Social Distance

If you’re traveling to a popular camping location, there will likely be guidelines for social distancing. Experts recommend keeping distance from others and avoiding group activities.

Some campgrounds have limits on amenities such as public bathroom facilities or picnic tables. Also, when using these facilities, remember that it’s good practice to wipe down shared items with disinfectant.

Don’t Pay Top Dollar for Expensive Gear

Given the recession caused by the coronavirus, many people are likely hoping to reduce spending. If you don’t already own camping gear, you don’t have to spring for the most expensive gear. Companies like Arrive help assemble kits for all kinds of trips such as backpacking or solo trips.

Pack Bug Spray

Just like it’s important to avoid exposure to the coronavirus, you want to avoid mosquito-borne illnesses like West-Nile. In the past, some insect repellents caused health problems for some. However, if you follow the instructions on the label, you should not be harmed. Remember to only apply bug spray once a day and be sure to wash it off at the end of the day.

Bring Your Phone

While you may be hoping to unplug from the rest of the world on your trip, it’s still a good idea to bring your phone with you. If you find yourself in a jam, apps like Hipcamp allow you to reserve everything from a tent site to a treehouse in a moment’s notice. Also, you can stay up to date on the weather and other important information you may need.

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