Camping at Missouri’s Ozark National Scenic Riverway to Be More Costly This Year: Here’s Why

by Chase Thomas

It’s that time of the year, folks. Indeed, with it being springtime, folks are venturing back out into the wilderness for camping trips with family and friends. It’s an exciting time for everyone who love the outdoors all across our great nation. However, for folks who love camping at Missouri’s Ozark National Scenic Riverway, they expect to pay a little extra this season.

Camping Changes in Ozark National Scenic Riverway

Here is what is going on with the riverway in Missouri. In 2021, they sought public feedback as to whether or not campers would be ok with a slight increase to the nightly rates on their campgrounds.

The campgrounds that will change over on April 15 include Alley Spring, Big Spring, Two Rivers, Round Spring, and Pulltite. Those are not all the campsites that face an increase, though. Other areas that expect to see the increase included: Big Tree, Grubb, Gooseneck, Bay Creek, Blue Spring, Rymers, Shawnee Creek, Two Rivers, Log Yard, Powder Mill, Sinking Creek, Cedar Grove, and Dee Murray.

What Does it All Mean?

Superintendent Jason Lott talked about the increase and what went into it and what the feedback was in regards to the increase. Lott tells National Parks Traveler, “We appreciate those that took the time to review the proposed rate adjustments and offer their feedback.” They cared what the community thought, and they took their comments under serious advisement.

He continued, “After considering all the comments, we adjusted the proposed rate for back-country campsites as was recommended. The rate increase will allow us to enhance our services in park campgrounds and be used for on-going park enhancements, like new trails, flood-resilient restrooms, visitor programs and exhibits, expanded trash collection, and park signs.”

So the increase will only stand to benefit those who use the campgrounds frequently. The rate increase will allow the riverway to make the park better for everyone. The park can focus on important things like new trails and exhibits that folks will want to see and experience.

He concluded, “Visitors will see an immediate use of these funds with the installation of seven new vault restrooms later in 2022, located at Rymers, Bay Creek, Akers, Sinking Creek, Blue Spring on the Current, Pin Oak, and Big Tree.” Interestingly enough, he confirms that the funds will be used in an expedient fashion. Good news for folks worried about not seeing results anytime soon. Instead, the funds work right away for new restrooms all across the park.

All of the price changes for the park go into effect on April 15. After that, the prices change permanently for the 2022 season. As folks arrive from all over the country to experience the land of the Ozarks. And to get away from the day-to-day grind.