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Camping Tent Hilariously Takes Flight After Not Being Secured Correctly

by Jon D. B.
Photo credit: Getty Images

Wait for it – this tent is about to take flight like a UFO across the Nevada wilderness after its camping companion completely forgets to stake it down. Rookie mistake!

In a recent Reddit post, user moirakangaroo posts the hysterical moment in which a camper’s tent takes off before he can ever use it. High up in unspecified Nevada mountains, the camping crew begins laughing hysterically as their mate’s flies off over the mountain’s edge. While it looks like they eventually catch the tent, this guy will never forget to stake down his digs again.

“WCGW not staking your tent properly,” the video is prefaced. WCGW stands for, of course, “what could go wrong”. Within Reddit, “WCGW”s nearly always result in hilarious happenstances. And this one is no different.

Redditor Telescope_horizon captions the video with:

“I can hear the local news already: UFO Spotted in Nevada Desertdetails at 6.”

WCGW not staking your tent properly from r/Whatcouldgowrong

If the video above doesn’t work for you, the original reddit post is here.

Stake Your Camping Tent Before You Complete it!

With cold weather comes windy conditions. Nothing is worse than your tent being ripped out of the ground by frigid winds. And it happens a lot more often than you think it will without the right gear. Don’t settle for the cheapo’ standard plastic stakes that come with most packaged tents, either. Even if this guy had used standard pegs, a gust like this from the Nevada skies can still rip a tent right outta the earth and into the wind.

Corkscrew anchors like the 7Penn Spiral Ground Anchors are super-easy to ground. The included bar allows you to screw them right into the soil. In addition, their corkscrew shape places them firmly into the earth. As a result, they can’t come flying out of the soil when your tent becomes a sail. Amazon stocks these at $25.49 for a 4-pack of 10 inchers.

If your own tent flew off on you, too, however, we’ve got a great Coleman tent and 16 other killer additions to your camping gear right here.

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