Here Are the Best Tips When Camping With Kids

by Hunter Miller

Summer is underway and millions of American families are planning camping trips. For those camping with kids, there are several tips that can help make the experience as safe and enjoyable as possible for everyone.

Setup Hand Washing Stations Near the Tent

It’s not hard to get dirty while on a camping trip. Both parents and children can easily pickup dirt and drag it into the tent. You don’t want to spend your vacation time hand sweeping the tent every time someone goes in or out.

Here’s what to do. Pack a 2 gallon or more water container with a faucet. Be sure to use a flat basin large enough to wash the children’s hands and feet before getting in the tent. Remember to place a towel nearby so dirt won’t immediately get on anyone’s hands or feet after washing.

Bring Wipes

Some parks and campgrounds may have limited access to clean running water. Wipes and anti-bacterial wipes will come in handy to keep your belongings clean. Not to mention, they can be a lifesaver when the kids are eating s’mores.

Bring Fun Activities

Many children aren’t used to camping. Bringing along toys and activities they are familiar with can help keep the kids entertained while adjusting to the great outdoors. You may want to bring bubbles, nets for catching bugs, sports equipment, or a number of other kid-friendly outdoor activities.

Also, consider bringing along an extra tent to serve as a play tent. This could save you from constantly picking up and cleaning toys left around the main tent or campground.

Stay Organized

One of the primary purposes of camping is to disconnect from everyday life and reduce stress. A helpful way to avoid stress is by staying organized and being prepared.

Consider packing your stuff in clear containers so you can see the contents. Also, try planning your meals or making a menu for your campfire food in advance.

Keep the Campground Well-Lit

Many children are scared of the dark. It is also dangerous if the campground is not well-lit. To keep the campground sufficiently illuminated, pack headlamps and flashlights for everyone. Additionally, consider bringing along glow sticks and lanterns.

Camping with kids can be a most rewarding experience. Not only is it a chance for the children to experience the outdoors, but also an opportunity for the family to create lifelong memories.

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