10 Rentable Caves That Are the Perfect Getaway from Life in 2020

by Jon D. B.

2020 has us all searching for a bit more self-care, and these 10 rentable caves are the absolute perfect getaway from the mounting stress of a crazy year.

Ready to escape? In 2020, we all are. For camping enthusiasts and stressed-to-the-max individuals alike, this year calls for upping the ante. In turn, has staying in rentable caves ever crossed your mind? Who knew there was such a thing? Thankfully it is, and Outsider.com has compiled the best of the best in rentable caves so you can begin planning your perfect outdoor getaway.

The claustrophobic among us, however, needn’t worry. Some of these caves are super open and provide amazing fresh air and views. In addition to being extra-isolated in the time of social distancing, these getaways also tote some of the most gorgeous accommodations you’ll ever see.

Famous Troglodyte Homes, France

(Photo credit: Jon Dean / Barcroft Media / Barcroft Media via Getty Images)
  • Location: Centre, France
  • Price Per Night: $111
  • Provider: Airbnb

First up is a French getaway you’ve got to see to believe. The troglodyte homes are domestic cave dwellings in France. They’re located in Centre, and just a short jaunt from breathtaking historic castles. In addition, the scenic River Loire is right north of these incredible rentable caves, too.

“This cave appartement offers what is most important today, space and quietness. Located 3km away from the castle os Amboise it is probably the finest way to enjoy a traditional troglodyte home. Its vast bathroom gives a unique feeling of living in a french Troglo.”


Bedrock Homestead, Utah

[View listing for Bedrock Homestead here]

  • Location: Boulder, Utah
  • Price Per Night: $325
  • Provider: Airbnb

If, however, you’re looking to stay in the U.S., we’ve got you covered. Offering up a ton of fresh air alongside isolation, this cave rental offers up most modern perks you’d expect from a four-star hotel. It does, however, require a four-wheel drive vehicle to get to and from. The reward is unrivaled views, peace and quiet, and unbelievable nighttime sky views. Bedrock Homestead is, as a result, one of Utah’s best kept secrets.

“The Cave House was hand blasted by Grant with dynamite! The surrounding ranch, Bedrock Homestead, sits on the last proved-up homestead in the lower 48 states. We believe in sustainability and grown our own food here! And, we enjoy selling our products locally and talking about homesteading with our guests!

Guests enjoy hiking on top of the Cave House and viewing the surrounding ranch, bright stars, and expansive and colorful “slick rock”.”


Kokopelli’s Cave, New Mexico

[View listing for Kokopelli’s Cave here]

  • Location: Farmington, New Mexico
  • Price Per Night: $340
  • Provider: Airbnb

In addition to the previous Utah stay, New Mexico also has its share of rentable caves. The best among them? Kokopelli’s Cave in Farmington. This 1,600 square foot cave dwelling includes: fireplace, TV/DVD, Bluetooth stereo, washer/dryer, and a whole lot more. Moreover, this cave dwelling is an incredible 70 feet below the surface. Wild!

“The cave is a manmade opening. It was hydro-drilled and blasted into sandstone. It is located 70 feet below the surface and on the near vertical cliff. The entranceway is paved with flagstone and leads through a sliding glass door into a plush-carpeted living area. The Cave utilizes natural passive geothermal climate control and stays between 62°f and 68°f. There is a fireplace, dining area, pull-out beds, traditional seating, TV, DVD/BluRay/VCR, Bluetooth stereo and a washer/dryer pair.”


The Lava Cave Suite, Greece

[View listing for Lava Cave Suite here]

  • Location: Santorini, Greece
  • Price Per Night: $317
  • Provider: Airbnb

Want a little history alongside your isolation? According to Greek legend, this gorgeous suite was once the home of a 19th century sailor. And at 500 square feet, it’s easy to imagine getting cozy in this amazing getaway forever. Alongside the view of the ocean from the terrace, the Lava Cave Suite offers a duel indoor/outdoor jacuzzi.

“Live the myth by staying in a cave that used to be a sailor’s domicile back in 1875.
Today after a full restoration, it has been turned into a jewel, keeping its traditional cave-curved Aegean island style with its pearl white walls.”


Cave La Chumbera, Spain

[View listing for La Chumbera here]

  • Location: Monachil, Spain
  • Price Per Night: $47!
  • Provider: Airbnb

This unbelievably private Spanish getaway is as colorful as it is lovely. Within the painted cave walls, this is the most fairly priced of all rentable caves. Within, you’ll have a kitchenette, two bedrooms, and a full bath, as well.

“A complete private cave house is fully equipped, with terrace and barbecue, beautiful views overlooking the town and a quiet atmosphere. Since ancient times, the people of the region have inhabit caves. Nowadays, they are still in use as homes. Staying in one is an unforgettable experience evoking Earth’s peaceful embrace and stable temperature all year round. We are located in an ancient village of Monachil, at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range.”


Beckham Creek Cave, Arkansas

[View listing for Beckham Creek Cave here]

  • Location: Parthenon, Arkansas
  • Price Per Night: $1,200
  • Provider: Airbnb, VRBO

If you see one of the rentable U.S. caves on this list – make this the one. This northwest Arkansas cavern is now the most gorgeous high-end retreat you’ll ever seen. Overlooking the Ozark Mountains, this incredible stay also comes with a stocked fishing pond, fire pit, and 256 acres of hiking trails to explore.

“Xanadu inside a cave! 4BR 4BA 5800 sf lodge with it’s very own waterfall in the living room. Located on 256 pristine and remote acres in the Ozark Mountains of NW Arkansas. Includes honeymoon suite, gourmet kitchen, big screen TV with satellite, WIFI, firepit, grill and patio area. Natural cave walls with cool cave features are showcased wherever possible, including in the showers and bedrooms! While it’s a cave, so drips happen, there’s a geothermal unit that maintains the cool temp of 65.”


Eureka Springs Hobbit Cave, Arkansas

[View listing for The Hobbit Cave here]

  • Location: Eureka Springs, Arkansas
  • Price Per Night: $169-279
  • Provider: Eureka Springs

In addition to the high-living Arkansas’ caves offer above, Eureka Springs’ Hobbit Cave is here to provide the opposite side of the spectrum. Snuggle up like Bilbo and his Dwarven company in a trio of Hobbit dwellings. Each includes a jacuzzi, king beds, bathtubs, flatscreen TVs, and WiFi.

Ahhh… after a day of experiencing all that Eureka Springs has to offer, returning to your Hobbit to enjoy the pulsating oasis of your Shower for 2, is sure to ease the two of you back into your very own romantic cocoon.
Pour a glass of wine or what have you and meander out onto your covered private courtyard and enjoy the sounds of nature while the two of you sway back and forth on a bench just made for you.
As twilight falls, snuggle in your King Bed and enjoy the ambiance of muted lighting that reflects off of your cave walls. Intrigue and a feeling of being in your very own cocoon is what the Hobbits are sure to bring.

Eureka Springs

Hand-Carved Cave House, Georgia

[View listing for the Hand-Carved Cave House here]

  • Location: Trenton, Georgia
  • Price Per Night: $156
  • Provider: VRBO

Live close to Georgia or Tennessee? The Hand-Carved Cave House is an excellent option on this list for multiple reasons. Firstly, it’s affordable. Secondly, if you are claustrophobic, this partial cave dwelling will provide a much more comfortable atmosphere. Mountain biking, rock climbing, and caving are all located nearby, as well.

Or, if you’re truly feeling outdoorsy, head to Chattanooga just 17 miles north and explore the outdoors capitol of Tennessee.

“This hand-carved, artful cottage has a charming interior and large windows framing scenic views of Lookout Mountain. Inside, you’ll find wood ceilings, a huge stone center wall, a full kitchen, and a spa-inspired bathroom with a stone sink and a large tile and stone shower. A queen size bed in the bedroom and a queen size sleeper sofa in the living room provide ample sleeping space for up to four guests. Outside there is a hot tub, fire pit and covered outdoor seating where you can hang out and enjoy the scenery.”


The Rockhouse Retreat, U.K.

[View listing for The Rockhouse Retreat here]

A now nearly-famous stay in the U.K., the Rockhouse Retreat has been on numerous British TV programs. In addition to being gruelingly restored, this 800-year-old landmark is as gorgeous inside as it is out. The history of this cave retreat is also matched by the nearby attractions. Some of Britain’s most popular rank among them.

Due to its fame, however, this primadonna of rentable caves will need to be booked well in advance.

The restoration of this 800-year-old hand sculpted wonder created a wave of national and international media coverage, including a film posted on The LAD Bible which received over 3.4 million views in just 24 hours. The thought-provoking restoration which took thousands of man-hours was created in just nine months and involved the excavation of over seventy tonnes of rock by hand resulting in a unique romantic retreat set in three acres of secluded Worcestershire countryside and is the perfect place to retreat from the modern world.  


The Enchanted Cave, Australia

[View listing for The Enchanted Cave here]

  • Location: Bilpin, New South Wales, Australia
  • Price Per Night: From $210 per night
  • Provider: Airbnb

Finally, we have The Enchanted Cave. This Australian getaway is the jewel of New South Wales. This unbelievably gorgeous “cave for two” is west of Sydney, Australia. It offers up some of the most spectacular views of the country you’ll ever see. They aren’t just any views, however. These are UNESCO World Heritage Site iews, known for eucalyptus tree forests, ancient sandstone plateaus, and endless gorges.

The clifftop cave is built onto a natural rock platform. Opening a small, round wooden door that wouldn’t be out of place in Hobbiton, you step into the cave , and your in another world. Close the door. The view , the Spa
The Fire. I am Caveman.


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