Camping World’s Marcus Lemonis Offering Chance to Win RV in New Giveaway

by Will Shepard

The pandemic has limited travel drastically this past year, but hopefully, 2021 brings a change to that. Marcus Lemonis is hoping for that exact thing to happen, just as the rest of the world is.

Billions of people all over the world had to stay isolated during the pandemic. With a vaccine being given out all over the world, that seems to be well on its way to ending. Lemonis, the CEO of Camping World, is expecting that people want to travel soon.

So, in an effort to help people in America make that a reality, he is giving away ten RVs. If you or anyone you know is longing for a trip somewhere, anywhere in America, pay attention.

Posting a short clip to Twitter to share the giveaway, Lemonis explains how to win one of the RV’s.

How to Win One of Marcus Lemonis’ RV Campers

Entering to win one of the ten RVs that Lemonis is giving away is simple. First, craft a post with the #RVdotCOM to get rolling with the contest. Next, anyone who wants to win needs to tell Lemonis why they want to learn about RVs. Finally, in the same application, you have to explain why you should win one of the RVs.

So, explain to Lemonis all of the things you’ve been missing about the outdoors. Whether it is just hanging with friends or escaping to a place that you want to explore, all of it matters.

Presumably, the best stories of hopeful journeys will be selected by Lemonis and his team to win an RV. But, as the video in the post says, this is the year of the RV.

“This year is for the explorers ready for adventure, for the tailgaters excited to cheer on their teams again. This year is for the work from homers needing an escape to the great outdoors, for the virtual learners taking recess back outside. This year is for the campers, the travelers, the families, the friends, the RV-ers. This is the biggest year of camping ever.”

Whatever story you tell, regardless of winning a camper, should provoke you to go and do. 2021 is here and ready for your exploration. So, go craft your story and force Marcus Lemonis to give you a camper.