How To Explore National Parks and Great Outdoors From Home Through Virtual Nature Activities

by Will Shepard

Travel has been all but impossible during quarantine, so it makes visiting National Parks impossible. However, a vast majority of the parks are open to the public.

Instead of being able to visit these parks in-person to enjoy their beauty, there is another way to do so. Namely, you can visit these National Parks virtually, and it is still an amazing way to experience these natural wonders.

While everyone has their choice of natural beauty they like best, many National Parks are offering virtual tours. Some people love strolling coastlines, others love rigorous hikes in mountains, some like experiencing deserts, or just meandering through historical sites.

However, now these parks are catering to those who can’t come visit themselves. So, with these virtual tours of the parks, people can experience almost anything they want to explore.

Take a Virtual Tour of Your Favorite National Parks

The National Park Service and National Park Foundation have a specific way to help plan your virtual trip. In fact, they set up a “Find Your Park” quiz to help determine what park you’d best like to visit. Each question is tailored to help narrow down the parks that will pique your interest.

So, once you decide on which park you would like to visit, go to the park’s website and search for the virtual tour. Thanks to Google Earth and the hard-working National Park Service, these virtual tours are at almost all of the parks. In fact, Google Earth has been creating virtual tours for more than 100 parks across America.

Additionally, these virtual tours can vary depending on what you are looking for. You can spend your time watching specific cameras set up to look at birds singing in Hawaii, or checking out blizzards in the Northern Rocky Range. You can even look out for puffins flying around the rocks of Maine, watch the sands swirling in Texas, or catch a sunset over a canyon in the southwest.

But, perhaps the best part of these virtual tours is that you can visit as many National Parks as you want. There isn’t a time limit, and no travel fees necessary to go see amazing natural beauty. It all happens within the comfiness of your own home.