Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Sends 9 To the Hospital in Wake of Hurricane Ida in Louisiana

by Shelby Scott

Hurricane Ida left a lot of destruction in the wake of her landfall last weekend. However, one of the most recent side effects to emerge surrounds carbon monoxide poisoning. The hurricane’s landfall resulted in power outages across the entire city of New Orleans, Louisiana. It also took out power in other areas across the state.

Days after the storm’s departure, many Louisiana citizens are still without power. To combat some of the hurricane’s impact, many families utilized generators to power parts of their homes. However, carbon monoxide poisoning from an improperly operated generator recently led to the hospitalization of nine individuals.

The nine individuals, residents of St. Tammany Parish, suffered carbon monoxide poisoning following the installation of their generator in the garage. Jason Gaubert, a public information officer for the parish’s Fire District No. 1, said, “9 persons ranging from an infant to middle aged were transported to local hospitals after suffering from symptoms of CO poisoning.”

The officer further stated, “all patients were stable and should recover.” According to The Hill, LA Governor John Bel Edwards released an advisory via Twitter Sunday following Hurricane Ida’s landfall. “If you are using a generator during or after Hurricane #Ida, please use caution. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions, do not use them inside your home and keep them at least 20 feet away from windows and doors.”

Louisianans Are Still Without Power Following Hurricane Ida

Carbon monoxide poisoning continues to pose a major threat to many Louisianans. Currently, only 7% of the state has had powered returned to their homes. The Hill stated that the 7% number encompasses about 64,000 homes. That represents a small portion of homes compared to the 1 million+ homes and businesses without power across LA and Mississippi.

Entergy energy company stated Tuesday, “Hurricane Ida was one of the strongest storms to ever make landfall in Louisiana.”

While the company works to restore power to LA homes and businesses, they further stated, “Thunderstorms forecasted for today and tomorrow could hamper our recovery efforts in the area.”

The company highlighted the worst-hit areas of the state. Those included: Baton Rouge and New Orleans metro regions in addition to general areas in the south and southeast regions of the state.

Texans Offer Shelter to Displaced Hurricane Evacuees

Lack of power, increased temperatures, and gasoline shortages now plague areas struck worst by Hurricane Ida. However, Texas businesses have opened their facilities to Hurricane Ida evacuees. One business filled 100 rooms in locations across the region following their invitation. The invite went public Saturday before Hurricane Ida made landfall and concluded the following Wednesday.

Other Texan organizations, companies, and philanthropists continue to participate in efforts to assist LA evacuees. An organization named Bunkhouse has teamed up with LA nonprofit Tankproof to gather essential supplies for Hurricane Ida survivors. Further, one many converted his Houston mattress store into a shelter for any individuals carrying an LA state ID.

Louisianans aren’t entirely out of the woods yet following the hurricane’s destruction. However, Outsiders across the south continue to aid evacuees and survivors during such a difficult time as best they can. We continue to hope that such an outpouring of love, kindness, and dedication helps those displaced by the hurricane return home as soon as possible.