Cattle Ranch Next to Area 51 Goes on the Market for Ridiculously High Price

by Matthew Wilson

The truth is out there for the right price. The cattle ranch that borders Area 51 is now on the market for any would-be buyers out there. But it isn’t cheap to live next to the mysterious military base.

Would-be buyers better have a couple of million dollars lying around. The owners are currently asking for $4.5 million for the property. The ranch is located in Alamo, Nevada, adjacent to the Area 51 military base. Believers in UFOs and aliens have long held that the base secretly holds extraterrestrial life. Believers believe the U.S. government is hiding evidence from the public at the base.

New owners could actually step onto Area 51 property as well without needing to plan an online raid.

According to Fox News, owners Steve and Glenda struck a deal with the U.S. Air Force a few years back at the military base. The government allowed them a grazing permit for their cattle to come on Area 51 property. The arrangement is dependent on one condition. Owners must notify Area 51 via special government radio before their cattle come onto the property to graze.

Tourists Visit Area 51

For almost $5 million, owners get an 80-acre ranch. The ranch comes with both the cattle and necessary equipment. The Area 51 grazing permit will continue to the new buyer as long as they follow the permit’s stipulation. Additionally, the ranch comes with two barns, one 5,600 square feet and the other 1,248 square-feet. It also comes with a shop and two manufactured homes as well. One home is a four-bedroom, three-bathroom house, and the other is a three-bedroom, two-bathroom guest house. The property can also hold up to 750 cattle.

Of course, both the positive and downsides to the ranch are the fame associated with it. Tourists visit the property each year due to its infamous neighbor. So, owners will have to deal with potential alien enthusiasts visiting the property. For instance, the ranch’s mailbox is considered to be the most photographed in the world.

Over the years, visitors have even vandalized the mailbox, stole mail, and shot the mailbox. Things got so bad that the current owners had to replace the mailbox with a bulletproof, locked box and eventually stop getting mail via that means altogether. But part of the draw for prospective buyers may be the ranch’s famous location. After all, who can say they are neighbors next to Area 51?