Christmas 2020: Winter Sports Items You Have to Have This Year

by Jon D. B.

Looking to snag a few new winter sports items to up your game this season – or for fellow powder lovers in your life? We’ve got you covered!

Whether it’s your first time heading to the slopes or you’re a seasoned pro, winter sports season is upon us. Sure, some locales are blessed with snow (real or fake) year-round. For most of us, however, the onset of winter means a return to some of the best past times to ever grace the outdoors.

Chances are, if you’re here, you’ve already got your favorite board or skis. We won’t waste your time rehashing the latest, because there’s a million to choose from. Instead, we’ve got the best winter sports accessories & gear to make your outings a stellar as possible.

Let’s dive in!

Athletico Two-Piece Ski and Boot Bag Combo

Tired of lugging your flailing gear like a newb? For about 40 bucks, this killer Athletico Two-Piece Ski and Boot Bag Combo will have you all set up & organized. The ski bag fits most skis up to 200 cm in length. In addition, the boot bag holds boots up to size 13!

The bags are each crafted of water resistant polyester to keep your gear clear of melting snow, as well. Additional exterior buckles make for solid spots to hang your helmet, poles, and other essentials, as well.

Price: $39.99


  • Ski bag fits most ski up to 200 cm in length
  • Crafted of 600 denier water resistant polyester
  • Padded carrying handles to make your ski luggage easy to carry
  • 3/4 length wrap-around zipper


  • Not the cheapest $$
  • Dual bags

SoundBot¨ Bluetooth Smart Beanie

Ever dreamed of taking to the slopes & pipes with your favorite music blasting, but just haven’t found the right and/or comfortable way to do it? Problem solved.

The SoundBot¨ Bluetooth Smart Beanie is, by far, one of the coolest products to utilize Bluetooth tech. It’s Amazon’s Choice for Bluetooth beanies, too, having almost a solid 5 stars after over 4,000 reviews. The black beanie above is just one of nearly two-dozen color & style options, as well. In short: this is one killer product with looks for everyone.

Price: $16.99


  • Features premium double soft knit to provide the maximum comfort.
  • “Enjoy enhanced music listening experience with advanced digital sound, balanced deep bass, dynamic mid-range, & crystal clear high note while staying warm, delivered by high-performance stereo loudspeaker driver.”
  • “Universal Bluetooth v4.0 technology with forwarding/backward compatibility to connect to all other Bluetooth enabled media player devices including smartphones, tablets, iPhone, iPad, Android, Samsung Galaxy, laptops, PC,… etc.”


  • Range is 30 ft, but with your phone in your pocket or gear, this is no issue.


Winter sports pros know that sometimes even the best gloves won’t cut it. And even the most waterproof of gloves get soggy, as well. That’s where the Zippo hand Warmer comes in.

Many of us have had a poor-quality hand warmer in the past. This one, however, is certified Zippo-strong and doesn’t require batteries or charging. Simply fill the Hand Warmer with lighter fluid, then place the burner back on and apply a flame to it with your lighter. Put the Hand Warmer top back on, slip into your warming pouch, and enjoy the heat!

The Hand Warmer will “continually provide heat for 6 – 12 hours once turned on. If necessary, place hand warmer in the pouch and place on a fireproof surface until the fuel is exhausted.”

In short: This little beaut’ will be your best friend the next time you finish up a round on the slopes.

Price: $17.54


  • Compact
  • No batteries required
  • Warm hands!


  • Requires external flame source (i.e. actual lighter or zippo)
  • Pricey for smaller, simple product

High Performance Winter Sports Wool Socks

We know – it feels like socks end up on every gift list – and in everyone’s holiday haul, no matter what. But that’s because socks rule, and no one will convince us otherwise.

As such, if you’ve been sloping with normal socks or overly-thick, lesser-material socks that can irritate your skin after too much heat & friction – then you’re doing it wrong!

That’s where these High-Performance Winter Sports Wool Socks come in. With pairs available for both women & men, these wool socks will keep your feet warm and protected during your favorite winter sports. The best part? They’re super affordable for what they are.

Price: $8.99 to $14.99


  • 100% fit your foot and non-slip
  • Proper air permeability can prevent the buildup of sweat
  • Elastic, durable design
  • Low price


  • Wool holds water, so be sure to keep your feet dry inside boots/gear


Safety first, right? Safety’s even better when it coincides with ease of communication in the mountains, as well. Within this mindset, you can’t go wrong with Midland Two-Way Radios for your next winter sports outing.

Sure, we all have cellphones now. But cellphones are not reliable out in the wilderness, period. And with a realistically-tested 1-mile range and 50 channels to choose from, these two-way radios will go a lot further to radio back and forth from the top & bottom of the slopes. In addition, these radios can tune into NOAA for severe weather updates, and come in multiple colors.

Price: $69.99


  • More reliable than cellphone on slopes
  • Over 1 mile range
  • whisper to talk feature, vibration alert, and works with an ear piece
  • 50 channels & NOAA access


  • Top-models are expensive $$$
  • Function depends on surroundings

Find what you were looking for?

Hopefully you can snag one of the items above for your next winter sports outing. Or, at least, for friends or family who are looking to join in!

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