Colorado Man Lands a 25-Pound Brown Trout Fishing During a Snowstorm in Arkansas

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by DeAgostini/Getty Images)

They say a bad day fishing beats a good day at work, so if you had a good day fishing, then surely you were putting in some work anyway. That is, at least if you’re reeling in a 25-pound brown trout during an Arkansas snowstorm with nothing but a 10-pound test.

Colorado Outsider Eric Underhill had one hell of a day when after he made a split-second decision to head from his home state to Arkansas in the middle of a snowstorm. Once there, he joined up with fishing crew, Cranor’s Guide Service, as well as a few good friends.

Once there, Underhill shared he and his buddies spent the first few hours catching average-sized browns, around three to four pounds overall. After a while, the fishing guides distributed new bait which likely helped in landing the fisherman the 25-pound brown trout.

“We get to this spot, and no lie, I said, ‘Craig, what’s your personal best on this river?'”

To their knowledge, the biggest weighed 19 pounds, four ounces. As such, the fisherman’s Arkansas brown trout became quite the trophy.

“This thing takes off and goes on a run like I’ve never experienced in Colorado,” Underhill shared. The fight lasted about 15 minutes, but soon enough the Colorado fisherman began to gain on the fish. After a while, he and the crew saw some color.

“As it turned sideways, we can finally see it and Craig was like, ‘Oh man! This is a monster!”

Once Underhill and his buddies finally managed to reel in the brown trout, they found it was indeed quite a trophy. Measuring in at 25.8 pounds and 34.5 inches long, it blew the team’s morning catches completely out of the water.

World Record Brown Trout Weighs More than 44 Pounds

There’s no doubt that Underhill saw quite the catch during his spontaneous fishing trip, and it surely ranks up there as some of Arkansas’s largest brown trout catches. However, if the fisherman hopes to boast the world record brown trout, he’s going to have to keep on searching.

Across the globe, another lucky fisherman, known simply as Seamus from Tugani, caught a 44.3-pound brown trout. Hooked in New Zeland, the monster fish became the latest certified world record, though instead of mounting in it his home, Seamus donated the trophy to the local Razza Bar and Bistro.

Because Seamus seems secretive, he didn’t share information regarding his decision to donate the fish. However, the latest world record can be found alongside two other massive catches. Field & Stream reports one of the two accompanying fish weighs 38.9 pounds while the other weighs 38.2 pounds.

World record or not, that’s still a lot of fish. So if Underhill wants any chance at snagging a world record, it might serve him well to head to New Zealand.