Colorado Mountain Town Holds Decades-Old Ice Racing Tradition

by Will Shepard

Winter traditions are some of the best ones out there, especially in the cold places in America. A small mountain town in Colorado holds a winter tradition unlike any other.

Georgetown Lake in Colorado is playing host to the 2021 Ice Racing Season. “Our Gang 4 Wheelers” is an ice racing club that specializes in high mountain racing.

This tradition is decades old. The club puts on one of the most exciting events during winter at over 8,500 feet above sea-level. But, the competition isn’t ice skating across a lake. It is actually far from that.

This year marks the forty-fifth year that the race will happen. The race takes place in highly modified cars driving all over the high mountains in the Colorado town.

The Colorado race consists of drivers getting into their variety of cars and driving in a series of races across the massive lake. The cars are mostly four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive, but all cars within that type of vehicle.

On their website, the ice racing group talks about what it means to be driving around on the ice. The group certainly loves this age-old tradition of theirs.

“It all started when a group of guys got together and decided to try driving on a frozen pond above Central City. Eventually, one of the guys decided to put chains on the tires, and then they were off to the races.”

Colorado Ice Driving Races

The race has ten different series, all taking place on the frozen lake. Races are held every Saturday and Sunday, depending on the weather and on the ice quality. Additionally, there is no age classifications. Registering is simple and open for anyone, but there is a fee to join.

“Our 2021 season is approaching. If you’d like to join us, all you need is a 4WD or AWD vehicle, a valid Driver’s License, and a small registration fee. We have race classes for all levels of drivers as well as a new Sunday Fun Day Track for people who just want the experience of driving on ice without the pressure of competition.”

“Ice racing is fun, safe, and a great way to enjoy your 4×4 during the winter months. If you’d rather watch, remember that spectators are always free! Our racing is unique, and our one-of-a-kind style shouldn’t be missed. Either way, our site is filled with information, so check us out!”

The so-called “gang” doesn’t have an age restriction, as mentioned above, but they do host a kids division race. As part of kid’s race series, there is even a championship for them plus a special banquet after the races.

The races run for five weeks, from January to February. Additionally, for those who spectate the event, ice fishing happens all winter long at the Colorado lake.