Colorado Officials Tranquilize and Remove Mountain Lion From Underneath Family’s Deck

by Victoria Santiago

A mountain lion in Boulder, Colorado had to be removed from under a family’s back deck. The big cat had been spotted by the family dog. It was removed by Parks and Wildlife officers.

Officers arrived on the scene and successfully tranquilized the mountain lion, according to a statement from the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Department. When it was safe to remove the big cat from under the family’s deck, officers did so. Then, they moved it to a remote area in Larimer County, where it was released.

Boulder Area Has Been Plagued By Pet Disappearances

“One factor we look at is location when we get cats that come into town,” said CPW Officer Tyler Asnicar. He tranquilized the big cat. “This one was pretty far east in Boulder in a populated area and it is not a good situation to have a big predator like that close to so many people. It is better for the people and the cat to try to move it. Relocation was our best approach in this case.”

Apparently, this Colorado mountain lion is just one of many in the area. Over the past couple of weeks, the CPW officer stated that several pets have been taken in town by one of the big cats. He assumes that the lions currently in the area are siblings, as they’re not fully grown yet. Regardless, they’ve been taking a lot of pets in north Boulder. The big cat found under this family’s porch might have been one of the culprits.

Colorado Mountain Lion Shouldn’t Concern Local Residents

Asnicar went on to say that seeing a mountain lion in Colorado wasn’t a cause for concern. Seeing big cats in the area isn’t a novel experience, but it’s important to always stay aware of your surroundings.

They’re typically more active in the winter. This is due to the prey they go after. Mule deer move into lower elevations during this time of year, and the big cats follow. Thus, there are more sightings during the colder months. Mountain lions tend to stay on the edges of town, but sometimes do wander in. When they do this, they are usually looking for food, according to Fox News.

“Especially in Boulder, always be aware, but don’t be worried,” Asnicar said. “Cats are going to come and go, it is not a new thing and it isn’t going to go away, so know that if you are out and about in town you have a chance of coming upon a mountain lion or other predators as well like bears, coyotes, and foxes. So keep an eye on your pets, keep an eye on your kids and teach them what to do if they were to encounter a mountain lion or bear.”