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Colorado Wildfires: Firefighters Cut Fence to Save Home, Leave Apology Note

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Studio One-One/ Getty Images)

Probably the last person on earth that should be apologizing for doing their job are firefighters, yet a crew in Colorado left an apology note after cutting a fence to save a home.

Like other states along the West Coast, Colorado is suffering its worst fire season in state history. Two wildfires currently burning in Colorado, ranking as some of the most devastating the state has ever seen. 

While battling the massive East Troublesome Fire, the firefighters took the time to write a note to a Grand County homeowner. Daniel Stones posted a photo on Twitter on Sunday of the heartwarming letter that he found hanging on the door to his still-standing home.

The note reads, “If this note finds you we must have done something right. Sorry for the loss of your shed and we had to cut a little of your wood fence, to save your house. Things got really hot we stayed as long as possible.” 

Stones captioned the photo, “#EastTroublesomeFire A HUGE toast to @MeekerFire #1446 tonight. We got your note. Inside the burn line and saved. Forever in your debt and with tears of gratitude. You are truly SUPERHEROES. Words do no justice. THANK YOU.” 

He made another comment under the post, saying, “I have read this note more than 100x today. Over and over. it hits me every time – at my very core.” 

Stone told Fox31 on Monday that he was so appreciative for the note. 

“It just melts your heart. I’m a grown man, and I can admit this. I wept. It was just so touching. It’s been such an emotional roller coaster after the past week, and to get something that is not only confirmation but good, it’s just so overwhelming.” 

Firefighters and Governor Respond

The crew, Engine 1446, was shocked to see their letter get so much attention. 

“It is kind of surreal. We all don’t really do this job for the limelight,” South Zone Fire Management Officer Kyle Fray said. “The main thing for us is we’re really glad he’ll be able to go to his house, and it’s still standing.”

After the note went viral, even Colorado Governor Jared Polis shared his appreciation for the hard work the firefighters have done. 

“This is such a touching note. Thank you to all the brave firefighters who are working hard to protect homes from the wildfires.” 

The East Troublesome Fire has scored over 192,500 acres already is only 20 percent contained at this time. 

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