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Colorado Wildfires Improving As Early Winter Storm Unleashes Snow

by Jon D. B.
(Photo credit: David McNew/Getty Images)

A rare bit of hope is helping quell the largest Colorado wildfires in state history as snowy winter storms blanket the burning state.

For Colorado, the past few days have brought glimmers of hope from the sky. Snowfall has hit the state, and with it a bit of relief from the two largest wildfires in their history.

Literally overnight, the weather in Colorado went from red-flag fire weather – to white winter – in a matter of minutes.

Speaking to NBC News, Boulder, Colorado meteorologist Evan Direnzo sounded hopeful for the first time in months. “We’re going from critical fire danger ending at 7 p.m. to a midnight winter storm watch.” He adds that snow has already started to fall in the Bellaire Lakes area, as well. This is critical for residents, as it is where the massively destructive Cameron Peak Fire is burning. If that name sounds familiar – that’s because – at over 200,000 acres burnt – it’s the largest wildfire ever in Colorado.

As of now, it is close to 60% contained. And that is in part due to the snow – but mostly to the absolutely incredible work of local firefighters.

Colorado Wildfires: Danger Isn’t Over Yet

Some experts are warning, however, that the danger is far from over. The almost 190,000-acre East Troublesome Fire near Estes Park still rages, too. Colorado fire spokesman Christopher Joyner says “we are still fighting an active fire and there’s still a very dangerous situation here,” when speaking on East Troublesome.

This is the fire, tragically, that took the lives of 84 & 86 year old Lyle and Marylin Hileman.

And while both of the state’s largest wildfires in history rage a mere 10 miles apart, Joyner says they’re unlikely to merge. He is certainly thankful for the snow, as well

“We don’t anticipate it will be a season-ending event,” Joyner says. “But we do believe it will help us a great bit.”

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