Concerned Water Buffalo Helps Tortoise Back on Its Feet: VIDEO

by Shelby Scott

It’s no easy feat being a tortoise. However, when you have some compassionate companions, life becomes just a little easier.

Recent footage captures a group of excited zoo-goers as a water buffalo helps flip a tortoise right side up. Over 16 seconds, Outsiders can see the gentle beast use its horn to set the reptile right side up again. Check it out.

As the crowd cheers and encourages the water buffalo, the turtle less than gracefully flips right side up. Immediately after, the helpful creature proudly stands up and makes eye contact with the videographer. His expression displays the pride with which he completed his good deed.

Overall, it was a good day for the buffalo, the tortoise, and, especially, zoo-goers all around.

Pennsylvania Tortoise Strolls Down Local Street

Fortunately for our zoo-dwelling pair, the big event of the day was turning the tortoise’s world right side up. Meanwhile, in Washington County, Pennsylvania, an adventurous 100-pound tortoise found itself strolling a popular street, causing alarm among locals.

Pennsylvanians are familiar with turtle crossings throughout the summer. Frequently, we watch as red sliders and snappers make their way toward cool bodies of water. However, to spot a 100-pound tortoise in the middle of the road is a sight unexpected, to say the least.

That’s why, when local law enforcement received the call weeks ago, they feared they would encounter a large snapping turtle. Washington County’s Waterways Conservation officer Jon Star got the call and, upon hearing the description, thought, “that’s a giant snapping turtle.”

However, in the end, it turned out to be an escaped African Tortoise, likely someone’s pet. Although, it appears the reptile had a strong desire to wander free. According to the conservation officer, the giant reptile “now has a new home and a large area to roam,” a special gift this close to Christmas.

Spiteful Reptile Traps 1-Year-Old Pup Underground

Tortoises seem to have a more colorful personality than we might assume. Between water buffalo companions and PA street strolls, the scaley creatures seem bound for adventure and excitement. Further proof of their persnickety personalities lies in the act of one spiteful Scottsdale, Arizona tortoise.

Several weeks ago, Scottsdale’s Fortin household went on quite a search for their pet dog Bruce after one of the children noticed the pup had gone missing. Soon after, the family spent the day putting up signs, making calls, and simply searching the local area.

However, soon enough, the family heard barking underground and found that their pet tortoise, Bianca, had trapped the canine in her backyard burrow, several feet beneath the ground.

Shortly after, first responders arrived and began digging at the entrance of the tortoise’s burrow, which piqued the reptile’s curiosity and enabled the wild puppy to come bolting from the hole in the ground. Overall, things turned out well. Although, it does prove that tortoises have a bigger personality than we might assume.