Couple Found Dead on Utah Hiking Trail Complained of ‘Creepy Guy’ at Their Campsite Before Disappearing

by Madison Miller

Although hiking through a national park or a nearby nature trail can be beautiful and calming, there is a certain level of risk that unfortunately comes with the activity.

Hiking often puts the individual out in a remote area with few other individuals in the area. Submersing yourself in the wilderness can make a person vulnerable to external threats, whether that’s wildlife or even other humans. Individuals hiking can also suffer from health issues. There have been several deaths related to hiking in extreme temperatures and suffering from heatstroke.

Meanwhile, a recently married couple was sadly found dead near a camping ground in the La Sal Mountains, which are just outside of Moab, Utah.

Crystal Turner, 38, and Kylen Schulte, 24, were out on a hiking and camping trip four months after tying the knot. Friends were concerned after not hearing from the couple since August 14. The two adhered to a nomadic lifestyle but found themselves often gravitating toward the Moab area. The couple lived out of their van and traveled the U.S. in it.

Utah Couple Found Dead on Hiking Trail

According to KUTV, both women were shot multiple times. Officials are still searching for the individual responsible for the two deaths. No suspects have been formally named at this time.

Reports say that the couple left for the camping and hiking trip on August 13. Bridget Calvert, the aunt of Schulte, spoke to the news station about the devastating situation. The newlywed couple had told some of their friends about issues with a strange man near their campsite.

“Friday evening, they were with friends and told them there was a creepy guy at their campsite, just ‘this guy creeped us out, might have to move.’ Saturday, they told their friends ‘there’s been this creepy guy at our site, we’re definitely moving campsites today. They might have taken their lives physically, but they are not going to put their love light out. The love between those girls will shine forever. They had an amazing endless love and it’s undying,” Calvert said to the news site.

There’s currently a GoFundMe campaign that is looking to raise money for funeral expenses. At the time this was written, the fundraiser has raised just short of $30,000. As the investigation is ongoing, police are seeking any kind of information people may have regarding the case.

“She was the best sister, daughter, niece and cousin. She was a true free spirit that lived for the joy in her heart not the hatred in the world,” Calvert wrote on the GoFundMe she set up.

Ohio Campground Murder

Meanwhile, another case involving a murder while camping and hiking has seemingly come to a close. A man was accused of killing two people at the Appalachian Hills Wildlife Area and Equine Trail Area Campground in rural Morgan County in Ohio.

According to ABC 6, Brian Jason Weimert is charged with two counts of aggravated murder and is being held with a $1 million bond. He allegedly shot the couple, Crystal Burchett and Stephen Sturgill.

It’s unclear exactly what happened at the campsite or what the motives were for the attack. A missing person report was initially filed for the couple, which is what led to a well-being check and the discovery of their bodies.