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‘Courageous’ House Cat Unbothered by Door-Scraping Florida Alligator

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Robert Loe/ Getty Images)

Imagine being at your house in Florida (because where else would something like this happen) when you hear a scraping noise coming from your front door. You think the neighbor kids might be playing a trick on you again, so you go and check. To your Halloween delight, an alligator is propped up on your front door while your house cat sits there, daring it to come in.

This was the reality for Ed Werdell of Sarasota, Florida. He posted a picture on Facebook of the encounter that has now gone viral. The photo already has 2,200 likes, 90,000 shares, and 5,200 comments.


Werdell captioned the post, “We have friends in Sarasota FL that heard noise at their front door. Take a look at what they found!!! Wow!”

Not exactly the reaction we would have given, but “wow” works too.

Many of the comments on the post refer to the seemingly unimpressed house cat seated at the door.

“I sure won’t want to see a crocodile at my front door! I see their cat was trying to scare away! I’m glad they had a secure, sturdy front door!” said one woman from Ohio.

While another user from New York said, “Whoa. Hope the cat did not decide to handle the gator.”

Florida Alligator Statistics

As if you need another reason not to move to Florida, the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said that nearly 1.3 million alligators are living in every one of their 67 counties, making your chances of encountering one inevitable.

According to the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service, alligators can grow from six to twelve feet long and live for nearly 50 years. They live in ponds, swamps, rivers, freshwater, marshes, and occasionally saltwater.

Florida state laws also prohibit people from feeding, killing, harassing, or possessing alligators.

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