Cow and Calf Moose Poached in Idaho, Authorities Looking for Details

by Emily Morgan

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game is investigating poaching after people found a cow and calf moose on Moscow Mountain near Hatter Creek.

According to the department, unknown individuals discovered the animals’ remains on Sunday, Dec 20. As of now, the IDFG believes someone killed both moose earlier the same day.

Moose hunting season was closed at the time. Also, no hunting seasons exist for cow moose throughout the region due to concerns regarding moose populations.

After seizing evidence, officials suggest multiple people may be involved in the incident.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game encourages anyone with information to call IDFG Senior Conservation Officer Tony Imthurn. Callers will remain anonymous and may be eligible for a reward.

Discovery Comes After Series of Moose-Poaching Incidents 

The recent discovery is part of a string of illegal hunting incidents in Idaho. On Oct 18, officials reported that conservation officers received information about a suspect shooting a cow moose and left it for dead close to Dry Buck Road. The location was around 3 miles west of Banks, ID, about an hour north of Boise.

During the investigation, they also found the body of a bull moose calf in the area. Officials believe both of the animals died sometime between Oct 14 and Oct 18. Moose hunting is not allowed in the areas where officers found the remains.

Before that, officials found three carcasses shot and killed in Valley County. Officials discovered the body of a dead bull in one of those cases. However, the other two reports seemed to be hunting accidents. The hunters self-reported to the IDFG that they shot the animals after mistaking them for elk.

IDFG moose biologist Hollie Miyasaki said the killings could be harmful to the area’s moose population. The Southwest Idaho moose population has seen a dramatic decrease over the years compared to other parts of the state.