Cow Escapes Farm, Leads Police on Late-Night Chase

by Shelby Scott

It’s not quite the police chase we expect to see in breaking headlines. However, a late night cow-chase sounds interesting, albeit comical, nonetheless. While not unheard of, it’s always fun to hear about law enforcement and loose farm animals. One Arizona police department spent the early hours of Saturday morning pursuing an adventurous heifer. Check out the footage of the adrenaline-pumping chase below.

Okay, truthfully, the chase wasn’t nearly as harrowing as it could have been. For the most part, the cow barely demonstrates more than a trot as authorities try to corral the beast.

The initial report of the barnyard escapee came to Glendale, AZ police around 3:30 a.m. last weekend. The caller stated they had seen the cow running the streets and perusing backyards across the area. However, no one knew where the animal hailed from nor how to catch it.

The domesticated animals don’t typically exhibit a threat in a foot chase, especially if you don’t actually chase them. Nevertheless, the animals are adamant about their free range walkabouts. And clearly this cow in particular had no desire to return home any time soon.

The lucky pursuers joked on the body cam footage, one of the officers asking where his partner’s lasso was. Ironically, rather than trapping and catching the cow, a local resident contributed his roping talents and they were finally able to lasso the beast.

On a side note, for other law enforcement officers unaware, livestock in general does not like to be chased. For our clearly exhausted Glendale officers above, perhaps one of you Outsiders can share that bit of insight with them.

Cows on the Run

While it appears our AZ bovine simply desired a night out on the town, earlier this summer, a massive herd of cows headed for slaughter escaped to a Los Angeles neighborhood, wreaking havoc in their travels and making headlines nationally.

The 40 frantic cows supposedly abandoned a local meatpacking facility after someone left a gate ajar. Unfortunately for the cows, their frolicking about the city didn’t last long, local mounted authorities helping corral the animals and returning them to the facility.

Following the incident, 38 of the cows were returned to the meatpacking plant. One charged at a local family, causing injuries and forcing authorities to dispatch it. Later, however, one freedom fighter remained on the loose, determined to escape his fate.

After his jaunt, the final cow from the escaped herd later saw rescue from songwriter Diane Warren. Initially returned to the meat packing plant, the owner agreed to relocate the determined creature to an Acton farm sanctuary.

After the final cow was wrangled, it became the second of only two survivors from the runaway herd. The prior rescued cow also saw empathy at the hands of Warren.