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Cow, Gator Snare Traffic on Major Houston Highway on Same Day in Separate Incidents

by Jon D. B.
(Joe Burbank/Orlando Sentinel/Tribune News Service via Getty Images)

What a hump day! Houston commuters got a double dose of wildlife Wednesday as Interstate 10 East was held up by not just a cow, but an alligator, as well.

The universe works in mysterious ways. In the same day, Texas drivers saw steep traffic due to two creatures that could not be more different. The first? A steer roaming “in and out of traffic” along Interstate 10 East near Beltway 8. The cow made his appearance during morning rush hour, as was captured by a Houston driver. The gent then sent in his footage of the steer’s own morning commute to Hood News on Facebook, which you can view below.

After a dangerous adventure (for both himself and drivers in the fray), the steer eventually went to safety with the help of a local bovine wrangler and the Houston Sheriff’s livestock team, reports local LMTonline.

Unfortunately, the cow’s Interstate 10 strut was the result of an accident involving an 18-wheeler and other vehicles. Officials at the time requested Houston residents to “avoid the area.”

Houston Sees Cow in Traffic, Raises One Alligator

Then, because a cow in traffic wasn’t enough, a good 6-footer of an alligator made an appearance in Houston traffic. All in the same day.

Just hours after the cow, the alligator came down northbound lanes of the Fred Hartman Bridge. ABC13 was on-hand to film the encounter from the air, and it’s quite the sight. Via their SkyEye helicopter, we see police and wildlife officials wrangle the gator into the back of authorities’ pickup truck.

While the appearance of an alligator is far less surprising for Houstonians, much of the internet is in shock that a member of the species is gallivanting across a Texas highway. Mere hours after a cow, no less! Ah, the life of a Texan.

“LATER GATOR: An alligator seen taking a stroll along a bridge in Houston, Texas, was safely wrangled and driven back out and released into a more suitable habitat for the wild animal,” reports ABC News Wednesday.

In fact, alligators are a common sight in Houston, Texas.

“Alligators and humans live in close proximity in Texas, so it’s no surprise that there are plenty of situations in recent years when gators have turned up in places humans may not appreciate, but were once habitat for these animals,” notes NBC’s Click2Houston.

The site even tells of an incident in which the Mayor of Houston once killed a 12-foot “monster gator she believes is responsible for killing one of her mini horses.”

Now there’s how you win over your Texas constituents!

As for cows, Georgia recently experienced a similar incident, and the footage is wild.