Cowboy Riding Horse into Dairy Queen for a Blizzard is Living the Dream

by Jon D. B.

This Everette cowboy knows how to make an entrance and an exit, even if he could’ve just used the Dairy Queen drive-thru!

In what the gent is calling his “@dairyqueen blizzard ride through,” cowboy Brian Doty made quite the scene at his local Dairy Queen. An actor, model, cowboy, and host of This is Country TV, Doty’s used to the spotlight. Which is exactly why he can ride his horse into a full-service Dairy Queen dining room without batting an eye.

There are delighted children on hand to give his steed a pat, and of course, Doty leaves on horseback with his blizzard in-hand. It’s a sight to see, one that will have many Outsiders cheering while others question bringing hooves onto slippery tile… See for yourself:

“So awesome!! Love it!” replies fan Letty on Instagram. Others, like Wilna, echo with “Super cool!!” and

But we want to know what Bob W. is asking: “Did the horse get a small vanilla cone like the puppies get?”

We certainly hope so, because this good boy earned it! Those Dairy Queen dining room tiles are slippery for humans – let alone four horseshoes!

Another follower comments that she “loves small town life. But we just use the drive-thru on our ponies here!”

As a fellow equine lover, I’d have to say that sounds the safer option! But an entrance is an entrance, and Brian Doty just made his grand.

Dairy Queen Cowboy Wears Many Hats

According to his official website, Brian Doty is a TV host, Radio host, Model, Actor & Emcee. He is currently hosting This Is Country TV & the syndicated radio show On Air with Brian Doty.

As for the former, the show covers local town events, ranching & rodeos, hunting, live music and charity work. That’s a whole lotta cowboy hats for one cowboy! The heart of the show, however is Brian Doty showcasing “the simpler way of life.”

With a new destination each week, This is Country TV features small town hot spots, the cowboy lifestyle, and good people helping those in need. Sounds like an Outsider’s kind’a show!

If you’re curious, you can check out the Dairy Queen Cowboy on This is Country TV courtesy of their latest episode below:

This Is Country TV episode 15 – This week Brian Doty takes you to Dalhart Texas for the XIT Rodeo & Reunion. Ypou will se the Bellamy Brothers, the Worlds largest free BBQ, history on the largest cattle ranch in the world as well as highlights from the rodeo & parade.

Brian Doty

And as always, stick with your fellow Outsiders for all the latest “did that just happen?” cowboy-centric tales.