Coyote Attacks Two Toddlers Within Minutes of One Another in Separate Incidents

by Madison Miller

There appears to be a bit of an unfortunate trend of coyotes getting up close and personal with people and then attacking. This is occurring especially with children.

The most recent account happened in Arlington, Massachusetts. There were two young girls attacked and injured by coyotes this past Sunday during two completely separate incidents. The first occurred at around 5:40 p.m.

Coyote Attacks Two Young Girls

According to CBSN Boston, a 2-year-old girl was playing out in her yard. Suddenly, a coyote approached the young girl and bit her in the back, and then started to drag her. Then, a mere 10 minutes later, police were alerted to another attack not too far away.

The Arlington Police responded to a call that a coyote had approached and scratched another 2-year-old girl in her yard. Both were taken to a nearby hospital for examination. They are both expected to be okay following the incidents.

As it turns out, this wasn’t a coincidence. The wildlife officials believe it was the same coyote responsible for both of the attacks.

Most of the time, coyotes will go out of their way to avoid humans. At the same time, these animals are slowly discovering that humans are an excellent source of food, seeing as they often will make the mistake of purposefully or accidentally feeding them. It is a problem when coyotes become too habituated with people, which means they lose their fear of people. This is when they will start to approach and become bold around people, especially children.

As for the incident in Massachusetts, authorities have not yet found the animal they believe to be responsible for the attack. “I heard a child screaming and I saw the coyote come over. It went away, but then backed up and it came back to the stairs and I could see from my bedroom a grey, big coyote. It seemed like it wasn’t afraid,” a neighbor said regarding one of the attacks.

Other Incidents in the Area

The coyote is also not thought to be rabid. Wildlife authorities are urging people to be cautious around wild coyotes and to never feed them. Small pets and children should be watched while outside in areas where coyotes are abundant.

This is not the only time Massachusetts has reported coyote attacks recently. A young child was attacked a few weeks ago on a Cape Cod beach. The child was bitten around the face, neck, and shoulders. Luckily, there are no critical injuries from the attack.

That animal was found and killed by rangers and tested negative for rabies. The area has had several close encounters with these wild animals. It is especially common when people fail to pick up after themselves at the beach and are leaving behind scraps that the coyotes take as food.

Another woman was in the news recently after fighting off a coyote on a beach with a stick. Two men on a boat scared it off by hitting a paddle on the side of their boat.