Coyote Attacks Two-Year-Old Girl at Southern California Park

by Patrick Norton

Horror strikes where wild canids roam, this time in Southern California. A two-year-old girl in Fountain Valley, California fell victim to a coyote’s wrath on Tuesday night. The child is alive and recovering. However, the dangerous animal still wanders with unknown whereabouts.

The coyote is a fugitive of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and the U.S. Department of Agriculture with the death penalty on deck upon the prairie wolf’s capture. Testing the animal for any sort of potentially damaging disease is certainly justified reasoning for the ‘yote to meet its maker. However, the punishment of death also serves as a protection to the community fearful of any future attacks.

In a statement posted online, the Fountain Valley Police Department warns, “the community is encouraged to continue to haze coyotes and keep small children and pets under close supervision.”

Using deterrents in order to prevent future incidents is the best course of action when faced with coyote problems in local neighborhoods. But laws in certain areas prohibit any show of force against the wild animals.

Yelling, throwing rocks and sticks – or my personal favorite of banging a metal baseball bat on a nearby brick wall while your four dogs chase the mangy creature away – are preferable methods of hazing.

Animals Attacking Humans is “In” This Summer

Off of the coast of California on Wednesday morning, heroes rushed to the defense of man during a vicious shark attack. Three people in the water swam out to the distressed victim, pulling him ashore to safety. Paul Bandy – police officer by day, shark attack victim rescuer by… off-day – isn’t boasting heroism, but claims the actions of the three good samaritans was pure instinct:

“As a police officer, I respond to emergencies all the time. So, I don’t think it was ever a question of whether or not we were gonna go, just how fast we were gonna be able to get there.”

Last month, authorities in Largo, Florida recovered the body of a man killed by an alligator while searching for frisbee golf discs in a local course’s pond. Alligators, coyotes and sharks create the perfect trifecta of nightmare-inducing wildlife.

Lakers vs. Celtics. Yankees vs. Red Sox. Group of Five vs. College Football Playoff Committee. Wild animals vs. Humans.