Coyote Caught on Security Footage Sneaking In and Out of Family’s Home Through Dog Door: VIDEO

by TK Sanders

A wily coyote quietly tiptoed in and out of a Los Angeles home through an unlocked dog door Friday, according to security footage. An outdoor camera clearly shows the wild animal traversing a tall neighborhood wall in Woodland Hills. The coyote then sneaks into the home through the dog door around midnight, has a look around, and lets itself out the same way about three minutes later.

Homeowner Julie Levine said she was thankful her dogs didn’t know the coyote came inside.

“Thankfully, I didn’t realize it. The dogs didn’t realize it. The coyote spent about three minutes inside the house, and he kind of slinked his way out,” Levine, who runs a nonprofit dog rescue center, told local news. “Very bold to be in the house.”

Levine probably never would have known about the coyote except that her dogs began sniffing wildly a few minutes later. Their strange behavior prompted Levine to wonder what had happened, so she checked her security tapes.

“The dogs started tracking the scent of the coyote. And that caused me to look in my surveillance cameras,” she said. “…He probably just kind of sniffed around the hallway. He probably saw us sitting there and realized he was kind of outnumbered and probably just slinked away.”

Fox News reports that Levine’s neighbors have also dealt with a coyote lately. The homeowners think it’s probably the same one.

A coyote sneaking through a dog door is bold, but another Southern California coyote was much bolder last month

Last month a wild coyote mauled a toddler for about 15 seconds on a popular SoCal beach before the girl’s parents noticed and intervened. Local beach security cameras caught footage of the attack, which occurred after sundown in Huntington Beach.

The coyote first knocked the little girl down into the sand before trying to bite her head with its teeth. The two adults in close proximity were facing the dark ocean and did not notice or hear the attack at first. The animal then stalked the little girl for a few steps before leaping and knocking her over in one quick movement.

Because the attack happened around 9:45 p.m., only a beach floodlight illuminated the area at the time. Therefore, the coyote slinked in the cover of darkness for most of the stalk, only showing itself when it thought it had found food.

After a few scary moments, the coyote likely realized it had not bitten a small animal but rather something that could fight back. The animal retreated quickly, and authorities took the little girl to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

“There’s no evidence to suggest the coyote was rabid; but that test will certainly help alleviate any concerns the family might have,” Captain Patrick Foy with the Huntington Beach Police Department said.