Coyotes Eat Moose Alive After Its Head Gets Stuck Between Two Trees

by Kati Michelle

Back in August, a pack of coyotes attacked park goers 3 times in just 4 days in Vancouver. Experts even thought that the coyotes might be on drugs. That’s not what’s happening here, though this story is a bit more gruesome than most. Essentially, a pack of coyotes experienced the best day of their life and a no-frills buffet. On the other hand, a moose lived out its final moments in somewhat of a nightmare.

What can we say? It’s a “coyotes eat moose world.” All that remains from the situation is a gnarly moose skull, still lodged between two trees. Here’s how it all went down.

Moose Skull Tells the Story of a Ravenous Pack of Coyotes

An Instagram account depicting wildlife in its 100% natural state is gaining notoriety, but not for the reasons you may think. They don’t share majestic waterfalls or leaves changing colors for the fall. No, they share the less appetizing grits of the natural world. “Nature is Metal” picked up nearly 4 million followers since its launch. Here’s their shot of the gnarly moose skull:

The caption of the dark image shares some insight into what may have gone down. It posits that a moose probably needed to scratch an itch that it couldn’t get to. The trees provided some relief until the moose realized it couldn’t get out from its snug fit anymore. There’s no telling how long it stayed there struggling to get free.

Eventually, a pack of coyotes stumbled upon the unlucky creature and unleashed their ravenous hunger. They started snacking on the moose while it was very much alive. The Instagram page writes: “The natural world is indifferent to suffering, and there seems to be no limit to that suffering. In order for there to be life, there must also be a staggering amount of suffering, pain, and death.”

They conclude by saying “It’s a ruthless system, but it works.”

A Happier Tale

If the suffering moose tugged a little too tightly at your heartstrings, this should provide you with some comfort. An Instagram user shared peaceful shots of a moose grazing their property as the snow melts, without any coyotes in sight. The Alaskan Instagram user also revealed they’re taking name suggestions for the growing family of moose. So far, there are four names taking the lead.

First, “Denali,” which comes from the Athabaskan name that means “The Tall One.” Second, there’s “Aurora,” referencing spirituality and the Northern Lights. Third, there’s “Nibbles,” which describes the animal’s favorite behavior. Lastly, “Sitka” references a historic community in southeast Alaska that was once the Russian-American capital.

Check it out: