Crappie Situation: Mississippi Anglers Caught with 152 Fish Over Daily Limit

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by John Patriquin/Portland Press Herald via Getty Images)

Call it a Crappie situation, but two Mississippi anglers surpassed their daily limit last week by 92 fish.

Why did those sons of guns need all that fish? Jesus didn’t need all that fish to feed the masses. What do two Mississippi guys need that many?

The Mississippi daily creel limit is 30 crappie fish, so the duo should’ve stopped at 60 at Enid Lake between the two men. USA Today reported on the men with few details coming out of the authorities.

But these two fellers kept going on their crime fishing spree.

The lake is roughly a two-hour, twenty-minute drive north of Jackson.

Illegal Mississippi Fishing Under The Radar?

Authorities got a call regarding “suspicious” activity on the lake. An officer soon met up with the two men. Cpl. Brian Tallent of the state’s Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks also got the duo for game violations.

Col. Jerry Carter thanks Tallent in a news release, saying, “we would like to thank the general public for reporting game violations thereby allowing our officers to further protect our state’s wildlife resources.”

Could you imagine the inmate conversations if these men were thrown in jail, which they probably wouldn’t be over fish?

“What are you in for?” “Fishing.” “What?” “Yup, I went over the lake limit.” “Well, dang. For How Many? “We caught 152 crappies.” “They should’ve thrown the book at you for that.”

Enid Lake A Top Crappie Location

Maybe the two Mississippi men knew about the lake’s world record. Chances are, though, they didn’t. 

According to Wired2Fish, Enid Lake is among America’s top 25 crappie destinations. The website ranked Enid as 18th but didn’t offer much about the lake. It said there were “big crappie opportunities, but the average crappie is about a pound.” 

It also named several fishing techniques like spider rigging, single-pole vertical jigging, trolling, and pulling cranks that would work well at Enid. 

Finally, the website was well aware of Fred Bright’s world record. The man caught a white crappie world record of five pounds, 3 ounces back in 1957. By that fact, Wired2Fish said the underrated lake had a “certain mystique” for crappie fishing. 

Grenada Lake took the top spot. It hosted the March 2021 Crappie Masters tournament, among other things.

Fishing Crime Post Overcatches A Number Of Commenters

The Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks organized this meaty news event. Not much happened on Twitter, but the Facebook folks went nuts over the event.

Folks shared the story over 1,400 times and made more than 600 comments.

After seeing all that fish, folks wanted the department to donate the fish to the needy. Others applauded Tallent. Still, some pined about how many other lawbreakers there were out there who authorities weren’t getting.

Heath Fitzgerald said, “Breaking the law. Snitches get stitches, this guy that guy who cares. I just hope the fish didn’t go to waste. I really hope they were cleaned, cooked, and ate by someone.”

Howard King asked, “What kind of bait were they using. lol”

Kelles Hall wanted the men to get at least a $5,000 fine, a year and one day in jail, and lose their fishing privileges in Mississippi for the rest of their lives.

Sadly, nobody liked what Hall had to say.