Cut the Music: 880-Pound Alligator Named Kanye Put in Isolation for ‘Aggressive’ Behavior

by Amy Myers

When this 880-pound American alligator refused to play nice with the other residents of the Australian Reptile Park, officials placed him in time-out. The animal known as Kanye was becoming increasingly aggressive with other males in the park, creating a tense situation for the creatures, spectators and officials. So, in order to prevent a gator-on-gator brawl, park employees decided Kanye needed to spend some time alone.

While temperatures might be starting to drop in the U.S., Australia’s are beginning to rise with the start of springtime. The warmer weather also marks the start of the mating season for gators, one of the most exciting and dangerous times of the year for the Australian Reptile Park. There are a total of 55 alligators, including Kanye at the New South Wales park. Recently, Kanye, a relatively young male, started showing dominance. The experts knew the situation could quickly become out of hand. Therefore, the best course of action was to remove Kanye altogether.

“This is no easy task,” park director Tim Faulkner reported in a clip documenting the handling, later adding that Kanye is “probably one of the most dangerous in the whole lagoon.”

Watch as the crew wrangled Kanye to transport him elsewhere in the park.

Faulkner also warned staff to exit the water at the sign of danger, as Kanye will charge them.

In order to safely remove Kanye from the shared grounds, park officials had to lasso the alligator’s top jaw and pull him forward out of the water. Once captured, the massive alligator began to hiss at its handlers, surely confused at the commotion.

Alligator Park Is ‘Normally a Quiet Lagoon’ According to Staff

Thankfully for all involved, the park team was able to safely secure the alligator and temporarily bind its jaws closed. Then they placed him on a board and wheeled him to a private pool.

As the video demonstrated, hauling an 880-pound alligator throughout the park is an intense challenge. So, for the Reptile Park staff to move Kanye, there had to be a plausible reason.

“He’s a young bloke, full of testosterone and he’s raising havoc right now, so the best thing to do is to send him to the naughty corner for some quiet time out,” Faulkner explained.

Besides the recent issues with Kanye, the park director claimed that, usually, the lagoon was relatively calm.

“Ours is normally a very quiet lagoon, with no major altercations taking place,” Faulkner said. “We even saw this earlier this year when we added the additional 20 males to our lagoon.”

He added, “However, Kanye has come out of hibernation explosive, therefore, a danger to himself, to the other alligators and staff.”

Kanye will spend several months in isolation before park officials reintroduce him to the shared lagoon.