Cyclist Bitten by Huge Alligator After Falling Off Bike Sustains Serious Injuries

by Madison Miller

Unfortunately, even pedaling on a bike won’t always keep you safe in alligator territory. Especially if you end up with you and your bike in some swampy water.

A bicyclist was attacked by an alligator in Florida yesterday, June 19. They were biking in Halpatiokee Regional Park.

Biker Attacked by an Alligator

The bicyclist is an experienced rider but happened to lose control when they were going around a curve. They ended up going straight into the water, which is just about the worst luck ever.

Then a 9-foot-long massive alligator grabbed them while they were in the water. The bicyclist is suffering from very serious injuries following the incident.

“He went right into the water, and then just as bad luck would be, the gator was right there,” Scott Lorraine, a bystander of the gruesome event, told NBC News.

The biker immediately was taken to a nearby hospital by helicopter. The alligator, on the other hand, was captured by a trapper. The animal likely has a nest nearby, which explains the aggressive behavior. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says it’s actually rare for an alligator to do serious damage like this.

It’s unclear how the biker is doing as of now after the vicious attack.

The alligator is not in danger. It will instead be relocated, which means it may be taken from its nest.

According to the commission, there have been 25 deaths related to alligator attacks in Florida from 1948 to 2019. There are only about seven attacks each year.

Florida Man Bitten in the Head

In June, a Florida man was in recovery after a bite in the head by an alligator.

According to CBS Miami, Jeffrey Heim was on the look for prehistoric shark teeth in a river in Sarasota County. He had an intense skull fracture that required 34 staples to close up the wound and had puncture wounds on his hand as well.

“It felt very heavy and it really felt like it was moving very fast … felt blunt. It felt like a blunt force. I didn’t feel the cutting, I felt a pulling,” Heim said. He also revealed that he thought that he got hit by a boat propeller in the water before he was met face-to-face with the beast.

He looked for alligators before entering the river to free dive with no equipment. However, after being underwater for 45 seconds, the alligator lunged at him. He was able to escape onto the nearby riverbank.

Luckily, he was in a public place, so an ex-firefighter rushed to bandage his head before medical services arrived.

The last fatal alligator attack was back in 2019. Although a woman’s body was found in a retention pond with injuries that look to be from an alligator attack.