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Daredevil Plunges 230 Feet From Longest Rope in Yosemite

by Jennifer Shea

An unidentified man jumped off the edge of a 1,000-foot peak in Yosemite National Park earlier this month.

The man plunged 230 feet into the canyon, according to the Daily Mail. He wore a safety rope and carried a 360-degree camera with him.

The safety rope was a rope swing that has only been rigged three times, two of those times by a crew. The Daily Mail reported that roughly 200 people have to be rescued every year due to accidents while climbing in Yosemite.

This is not the first daring stunt to take place in Yosemite. Last September, a duo of BASE jumpers leaped off the 7,000-foot viewpoint at Glacier Point, Fox KTVU reported. A park ranger said such jumps are illegal.

In 2015, two BASE jumpers, Dean Potter and Graham Hunt, died in Yosemite while attempting a wingsuit flight from Taft Point.  

BASE jumping is leaping with a parachute or flying with a wingsuit from a fixed geographical point. “BASE” stands for the four types of points from which a jumper can leap: building, antenna, span and Earth.

Skydiver and cinematographer Carl Boenish founded BASE jumping during the 1970s. He was a pioneer at filming dramatic leaps off cliffs and made sure to film the very first BASE jumps with his friends off El Capitan on the north side of Yosemite Valley. He died in 1984 while doing a BASE jump from the Troll Wall in Norway.