Dead Deer Found Pinned Beneath Tree in Viral Video, Social Media Has Wild Theories

by Jon D. B.

As a wildlife tech, you see some strange things. But this dead deer submerged beneath a tree trunk – hooves pointing up – is a new one.

“I made a discovery…” captions New York native David Giarrizzo. The crazy-looking discovery? A dead deer firmly lodged beneath the trunk of a tree … in a stream … with its legs splayed and hooves pointing straight up into the air.

As one does in 2022, Giarrizzo decided to film the bizarre sight as he came across it. The footage, which he filmed while visiting his hunting land in rural New York state, then went viral on his TikTok after posting it with well over 1 million views:

“I was in New York on our hunting land when I saw this. I was just walking the land and assessing it for future hunting seasons when I found the deer under the log,” David tells Newsweek of his viral mystery.

The hunter says he “first noticed one of the hooves poking out of the water and thought it was pretty weird. It is literally a deer that must have died in the water and got submerged under two giant logs that fell across the creek.”

‘It’s almost like one of those natural phenomenons…’

As David notes, however, the dead deer is “submerged upside-down” beneath the tree. “His legs are straddling the log on all four sides,” he adds. “I have never seen anything like this before.”

Neither have I. Dead deer are a common sight as a wildlife technician. Dead deer by bodies of water are common, too, as dying cervids will seek out water as their bodies begin to fail. But seeing a dead deer splayed beneath a large log with all four hooves reaching for the sky? That’s certainly a new one. And Giarrizzo asks the right questions in attempting to solve his mystery.

“It’s almost like one of those natural phenomenons… Did the log or tree fall on the deer while they were standing in the water? Or did the deer die in the water off stream and slow down?” he ponders.

“It’s so hard to tell but it is extremely unique and rare to find something like this. I tried to wiggle the deer out from under the log but it appears to be stuck.”

TikTok Theorists Reach For Explanation in the Case of the ‘Dead Tree Deer’

As for his captive audience, theories flow from TikTok, as well.

“Soo like did the tree fall on top of it? I’m so confused as to why the deer is positioned like that,” asks AdventurerCat.

“Maybe it jumped at the tree then landed on the water got stuck and the unbalanced tree fell on top of the deer and killed it on accident,” offers Carls945.

“I’m going to say it was a series of unfortunate events,” puns Austin_Hunter. Surely, though, Austin has the most correct answer of all.