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DEC To Offer ‘Becoming an Outdoors Woman’ Online Workshop

by Jennifer Shea

Women everywhere have a chance to hone their outdoor skills with a new online workshop from the New York Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC).

The DEC is offering outdoor skills webinars for the first time, as first reported by New York Upstate. The department canceled its annual in-person workshop this year due to Covid-19 concerns. The traditional workshop covers archery, camping, canoeing, fishing, and hunting in addition to map and compass skills and outdoor cooking.

Instead, the DEC will hold five webinars from September 21-25. Each webinar begins at 6:30 p.m. and will last an hour. Topics include food preservation, bow hunting, wild game cooking, environmental ethics and hunting. 

“While these webinars will not provide the hands-on, in-person instruction like our traditional workshops, they will provide a fun, engaging, judgment-free and supportive atmosphere for learning new skills,” DEC’s Jeff Wernick said. “Women will be able to chat with other outdoors women, ask questions and discover new outdoor activities.”

The online workshop is part of an effort by the DEC to expand its web offerings. It will feature discussion time with the instructor as well as fellow outdoors women.

“Join us for these informal webinar presentations from the comfort of your home,” the DEC said on its Facebook page. “Registration is first come-first served.”

Participants can register online at https://forms.gle/2Zvko28nRq26vGkV7. The deadline is next week on September 17.

Furthermore, the DEC is also sponsoring the Becoming an Outdoors Woman (BOW) Virtual Archery Challenge. It invites women to show off their archery skills with pictures or video clips. All entries are due on the DEC’s BOW Facebook page by September 21. More details are available at https://www.facebook.com/BOWNewYork.

For more information, call (518) 402-8963 or email [email protected].