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Decapitated Deer Found on Utah Roadside Prompts Wildlife Investigation

by Shelby Scott
(Photo By Dennis Anderson/Star Tribune via Getty Images)

We’re beyond deer hunting season here in the United States. However, authorities have launched an investigation after a buck’s decapitated body was found in Iron Country, Utah.

The hunt is on for those responsible for the deer’s unnecessary death. Now, authorities are offering rewards for anyone who comes forward with knowledge regarding the perpetrators.

According to ABC 4, the perpetrator(s) made attempts to remove the meat.

“Waste of wildlife is a serious crime,” said Josh Carver, an officer for Utah’s Division of Wildlife Resources. He added, “Many people hunt specifically to use the meat to feed their family, so when one person completely wastes meat like this, it is a huge loss to all hunters and wildlife enthusiasts.”

As the investigation ensues, Utah wildlife authorities have determined the deer was killed sometime between February 17th and 18th. Authorities, however, did not discover the animal until February 20th.

Amid the Utah DWR’s investigation into the decapitated deer, officials reported their frequent response to and investigation of numerous illegal wildlife killings every year. The outlet reported that in 2021 alone, officers recorded the deaths of 1,153 illegally killed animals. That translates to a value of $610,000.

Utah DWR officers encourage anyone with information regarding this particular deer investigation to contact Officer Carver at (435)-691-4167.

Man Caught Selling Poached Deer as Beef Jerky After Multi-Year Investigation

There’s wasting deer meat and then there’s illegally obtaining and selling deer meat, wrongfully labeled at that. After a long investigation, which began in 2018, a Wyoming rancher became caught red-handed in a successful sting operation selling poached mule deer and pronghorn as beef jerky.

Wyoming Game and Fish officials identified the perpetrator as Gary Lee Ferrier. The poacher received 26 wildlife violations last month after years of avoiding discovery. In response, Ferrier agreed to a plea deal that will see him plead no contest to 9 of 26 charges.

The investigation into Ferrier’s deer-disguised-as-beef-jerky began four years ago. His girlfriend at the time reported Ferrier to authorities, sharing what she knew of the ranch.

Aside from the deceit, the woman told authorities of the poaching. After beginning their investigation, officials learned Ferrier advertised private hunts on his illegal ranch across social media. Authorities became “involved” with one of the illegal hunts and while at the ranch, they discovered packaged pronghorn and mule deer labeled as “organic beef.”

Reportedly, Ferrier, after admitting to his crimes, stated he committed them in the first place to escape “a bad situation.”

Aside from his plea deal, authorities have banned the poacher from hunting, fishing, or trapping for at least five years. Additionally, he must pay more than $45,000 in fines and restitution before he can hunt in the remainder of the nation’s states.