Deer Caught on Trail Cam Fighting Off Coyote and a Bobcat

by Shelby Scott

We’ve seen some pretty impressive deer feats at Outsider, but this one definitely ranks as one of the most impressive. Trail cam images capture the moment an unfortunate deer became stuck in the grate of an automatic feeder. However, his ability to fight off coyotes, a bobcat, and a boar while in this particular position proves his true ferocity.

If you take a look at the images, provided by Antlers Edge Outfitters, we see first the moment the deer becomes trapped in his situation. The first few images capture the buck eating and then the surely uncomfortable angle of his head compared to his body as his hooves seem to flail in the images.

The following images show the deer as he becomes surrounded by a couple of coyotes. Soon enough, the canine predators see the rivalry of a hungry bobcat, who sits atop the feeder. The bobcat appears to consider his choices in the prey as he later stands above the deer atop the feeder.

However, soon enough all three of the fierce animals become spooked off by an incredibly large wild boar. Commenters to the post had much to say, especially following the pig’s arrival. One joked, “When you eat at the feeder[,] be careful you might become the feeder.”

Spooky Season Causes Another Deer Entrapment

Unfortunately for our captive deer above, we can only assume his predicament did not serve him well. On the other hand, another deer up north in Wisconsin saw itself in an entirely different scary situation.

Several weeks ago, WI’s Oneida County Sheriff’s Office received multiple reports of a distressed deer caught celebrating Halloween a bit early. Images show the creature with its head stuck inside of a plastic jack-o-lantern used for trick-or-treating during the fall holiday.

While the grinning green pumpkin is in fact pretty hilarious given the time of year, it took the deer a week to dislodge it from its head.

As tribute to the deer’s unfortunate situation, local residents named the animal Pumpkin. Images show the deer peering over the confines of its bucket prison, ears perked up ahead of any potential danger.

The pumpkin-headed deer received much attention across social media. During attempts to rescue the creature, one local, Tamee Redifer, said, “It was so sad because the face of the pumpkin on the bucket was right where her face would be. So it was like this sick joke almost.”

No doubt, although, the deer faced other threats besides malnourishment and starvation during its ordeal. Archery and crossbow season began September 18th in the central U.S. state. The deer suffered through its entrapment until a week or so later. So while on one side, the animal faced starvation and dehydration, it also faced the arrows of hunters across the state.