WATCH: Deer Crashes Through Mattress Store Window

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Gunnar Berggren / 500px/ Getty Images)

One Tennessee business had an unlikely customer come barging through their window. A lone deer decided to do a little mattress shopping in Johnson City on Wednesday evening. 

The Not-So-Great Escape

The owner of Mattress By Appointment, Noah Burkham, posted the video of the tired and confused deer that ran through a window, knocking down some boxes, jumping on a few mattresses and then attempting to escape through the front door. 

Sounds like us this morning in a mad search for coffee. 

The deer’s exit wasn’t nearly as graceful as its entrance. It walked right into the glass door. But honestly, who hasn’t done that a time or two. After a second attempt with a little more force, the deer took down the whole door and slipped into the night. At least it was gracious enough to use the door the second time.

Burkham is insured for angry customers breaking through windows. He said that insurance would also cover the mattresses that were damaged. No more deer jumping on the bed or something like that.

“Yeah, usually I would have been sitting right there at that desk, but out of the blue, I just decided to take a random rainy day off,” said Burkham. “So I guess I picked the right day because I would not be wanting to be sitting at that desk when the deer came through the window.”

Burkham also reported that along with broken glass, there was blood found around the store. 

In addition, the owner had cleaned up all the glass by the next day. 

We are just curious which mattress the deer recommends as its favorite. 

Rutting Season for Deer

As the rutting season for deer has just ended, the animals are known to be less aggressive. The season lasts from the middle of October until early December, so it is unlikely that this deer was running from a potential suitor, but possibly just exhausted from a season full of…. activities.

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