Deer Eaten Alive by Enormous Komodo Dragon in Shocking Video

by Patrick Norton

It’s common practice to cook venison to an internal temperature of 165°. This particular monstrous Komodo dragon – lacking access to the proper grilling tools – took one mighty shortcut. A word of warning: the video is intensely graphic.

The deer lays helpless as it serves its wildlife purpose as dinner for the Komodo dragon. However, the grotesque nature of its demise, paired with the groans of the animal, makes for a grizzly ending for the former fawn.

As the predator gnaws the leg open, its prey can only watch its final moments in shock and horror. But the video doesn’t capture the original catch. Komodo dragons top out at a sprint speed of 12 mph; a healthy deer can dash at speeds up to 40 mph. Did the hunter sneak upon the hunted, or did the deer sustain an injury beforehand?

The video leaves little to the imagination, but without much context, appears even more unbelievable.

Komodo Dragon Hoists Lizard Crown

In the last month, reptiles continue to run up the score on any opposition in its way. Whether it was the Florida hotel visitor that mistakenly approached an alligator believing it was a lost dog, or the alligator that took exception to a diver looking for lost frisbees in its habitat, reptiles lead the charge for gruesome wildlife encounters.

But a gnarled gator isn’t the only way to face almost certain death in the wild. A stray dog escaped a gorilla habitat at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park earlier in the week, marking the happiest conclusion to an unplanned wildlife faux pas.

The dog – named Mighty Joe Young after a movie about a domesticated gorilla – escaped a brutal fate after wandering into the gorilla enclosure. Luckily for Mighty Joe Young and witnesses of the events, but much to the chagrin of the hungry great apes, no gnawing of legs occurred in the video of the frightening excursion.