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Deer Who Got Antlers Tangled in String Had a Major Glow Up

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Wild Horizons/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

It’s not easy being a buck. Especially when the rack that earns you so much respect in the outdoors are the same instruments getting you tangled up in some human’s hammock. However, in new side-by-side photos, one Utah mule deer had quite the glow up. Authorities disentangled one mule deer’s impressive pair of antlers from what was originally clarified as an unidentified mass of string. Now, the creature has quite a different look.

Outsiders might recall that the Utah Division of Wildlife Sources went on quite a rescue mission in mid-October. Parowan, UT residents had previously reported sights of the distressed animal. According to USA Today, the deer was unable to see past the mass of string caught up in its antlers. Photos show it hung low in front of its face.

However, now, the division tranquilized the buck and fitted it with a hefty GPS tracking color. Soon after, the wildlife division shared side-by-side photos of him before and after. Now, we’re definitely impressed by the large creature’s growth, and its hefty stature overall. However, the photos have Outsiders asking even more pressing questions.

Outsiders Are Anxious to Bring Home the Collared Mule Deer

As the news outlet reported, the “glow-up” photos inspired, primarily, two entirely different reactions. Many were congratulatory, as we hate to see any wild animal caught up in the clutches of human belongings. On the other hand, many more outdoorsmen were inquiring whether the large mule deer remains fair game during hunting season.

Are you surprised to learn that the answer is actually yes? Indeed, after seeing the photos, one person wrote, “So if we do shoot a collared deer & report it, we won’t be harassed? I mean you collar a big deer like that, that may be one in a lifetime for me. Imma shoot it!”

The wildlife division replied, encouraging hunters not to shoot collared deer. However, interestingly, they followed up with, “just make sure to report it so we can pick up the collar and reuse it.”

That said, Outsiders, best of luck this season!

Maryland Hunters Intrigued by ‘Marsh Ghosts’

While large mule deer always present an exciting and daring challenge to hunters, on the Eastern coast of the United States, Marylanders are intrigued by an even more unique breed of deer.

Deemed “marsh ghosts,” Eastern Shore Outsiders pursue this strange variety of animal, officially termed silka deer, through the coastal state’s marshiest of regions. Deer hunters populating the Eastern Shore region face quite a unique challenge as they don waders for the hunt and track the elusive creatures through tall, swampy grasses and icy bay waters.

In comparison to the country’s whitetails and mule deer, the silkas maintain a smaller frame and daintier hooves. This allows them to sneak through these challenging regions almost soundlessly. Instead, hunters familiar with the “marsh ghosts” have learned to listen for water dripping from the animals’ legs, rather than crashing through leaves and brush.

Further, while the annual deer hunt always requires patience and endurance, the silka deer’s unique environment presents hunters with an even more challenging and frustrating landscape. Often, the deer remain undetected until they’ve already bypassed the hunter.

So, as hunting season continues, we wish Outsiders the best of luck in bringing home that ideal trophy.