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Deer Hunter Attacked By Father-Son Duo For ‘Making Children Cry’

by Caroline Bynum
Photo by Derek Davis/Portland Press Herald via Getty Images

A Long Island deer hunter heading out for a legal hunt was harassed by a father and son, angry with the man for killing deer. “Kids are upset. They are crying because you want to kill deer,” the furious father says to Dominick Lobifaro. “What the f–k did the deer do to you?” the young son wielding a hockey stick screamed at the bowhunter.

Lobifaro, who was filming the incident from his driver’s seat, replies “I am sorry they are crying. You need to explain to them that it’s part of life.” He later says, “I am not trying to do anything bad,” defending his decision to hunt. Lobifaro explains he eats the meat, asking if the father-son duo eats meat.

The bad-mouthed son won’t let up, yelling further, “You are an a–hole!” Lobifaro simply rolls up his window as a result, ending the conversation. The son continues, though. He emphatically yells “F— you” to the deer hunter. As the two walk away, Lobifaro lets out an exasperated sigh, saying “Are you kidding me?”

Dominick Lobifaro’s post to Youtube says as he got out of his car in camo, immediately harassment began. The dad ran to him to say hunting is illegal in the area. Lobifaro explains in the caption that he called the NY Department of Environmental Conservation before heading out on the hunt. The DEC confirmed the new spot was legal, he says. Both men called authorities: Lobifaro called DEC and the father called local police. As they were waiting for both authorities to arrive, the yelling match, seen in the video, began.

The video’s caption finishes the story, saying “DEC came and told him I’m doing everything legal and the state land is as much mine as it is his to use and basically to grow up.” Lobifaro completes the caption explaining his love for hunting, the appreciation of the experiential lesson, not the kill. “It’s not about the kill at all, it’s about the experience,” he explains. He says some don’t understand “where it ends up taking you and the things you learn.” “The challenge of the hunt and the feeling putting food on the table gives you,” is what the experience is about for him.