Deer Hunter Becomes the Hunted When Buck Charges Full Force: VIDEO

by Amy Myers

The most heart-pounding hunts tend to be the ones with bison, bear and other towering, big game animals. However, not to be underestimated are whitetail deer. More often than not, hunters tend to scope out a pair of antlers from the vantage point of a tree stand or from behind the fabric of a blind. But this hunter decided to forego the extra equipment and position himself in between the breaks of the brush.

With his rifle in hand, he waited to see the first sign of the giant buck that he had spotted. But instead, the deer flipped the situation and ended up hunting down the two-legged predator instead.

In a short, 10-second clip, you can see the deer busting out of the grasses and bulldozing the hunter. Not surprisingly, the camo-clad fellow toppled over to the side, losing his phone and gun in the process.

The video ended with the camera facing the treetops as the hunter recovers and gathers himself as well as his belongings.

Take a look.

@deividas.hunting Very dangerous situation 😬 #hunting #chasse #polowanie ♬ original sound – Deividas Hunting

It’s unclear whether the hunter sustained any injuries from the incident, but it’s obvious that the deer at least got away safely.

Michigan Man Faces Serious Charges for Illegally Hunting Deer and ‘Allowing Them to Go to Waste’

Also stealing public attention is another hunter that had an incredibly unfair advantage as he sought out a way to “relieve” his “frustration.” The 29-year-old man, Edward Trout, from Cedar Springs, Michigan admitted to shooting multiple deer from the comfort of his car. According to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Trout would drive “around at night, listening to music and occasionally shooting his pistol into vacant fields from his pickup truck.”

The DNR also revealed that this wasn’t a first-time offense. Trout had committed the same offense multiple times in 2020. During the latest incident, the poacher had been under the influence of alcohol and marijuana.

Officials were able to charge the Michigan man after they were able to obtain text messages in which he told multiple people what he’d done. That was when Trout finally admitted to shooting five additional deer since the last incident.

As a result, he received the following charges: hunting out of season; two counts of hunting without a license; taking game from a vehicle; and fishing with illegal devices, i.e. the homemade spear. He faces jail time, reimbursement to the state, and losing hunting and fishing privileges.

DNR Law Enforcement Chief Dave Shaw said in a statement, “We’re grateful for the concerned community members who reported the many dead, gunshot deer that were discovered throughout these communities, which helped officers identify a suspect. The suspect has continued to display repetitive, unethical behavior while stealing public trust resources and allowing them to go to waste.”