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Deer Hunting Season Extended in Metro Detroit Through End of January

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Bonnie Trafelet/Chicago Tribune/Tribune News Service via Getty Images)

Deer hunters in the metro Detroit area may continue hunting until the end of January. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources recently announced the additional weeks of hunting.

The extension applies only to archery hunters in Michigan’s Macomb, Oakland and Wayne counties. These are part of an urban deer management zone.

“Archery hunters can take advantage of some excellent hunting in January,” Chad Stewart, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources deer, elk and moose program leader, said in a press release.

“This longer season also is a fairly low-cost first attempt for municipalities to help reduce the conflicts that arise when deer numbers rise in more populated, urban areas.”

Stewart also reported that hunting in these areas helps the state manage the animals’ behavior and prevent issues. Hunting can also be a tool used to limit the number of human/deer conflicts. These conflicts can include the animals feeding on residential gardens, auto accidents, and damage to property.

Deer Hunters Need License During Extended Season

Those wishing to hunt until the end of the month in Macomb, Oakland, or Wayne counties should have a license. These include deer or deer combo license or an antlerless deer license valid in the three counties. Hunters should also abide by the rules and regulations of archery season.

Hunters should check the local ordinances in the communities where they plan to hunt. Information should be available regarding whether hunting is allowed and what areas are open for the extended season. According to the press release, state game and wildlife areas in the three counties are open during this hunting season.

More information about the hunting regulations, as well as restrictions on archery equipment, can be found at 2020 Hunting Digest or Michigan.gov/Deer. Community leaders who have questions regarding urban deer management should contact a local DNR wildlife biologist, according to the press release.

North Dakota Lawmaker Looks to Add Fluorescent Pink as Hunting Color Option

A change to hunting regulations could be on the horizon in North Dakota. Big game hunters in the state are currently required to wear orange while hunting as a safety measure.

North Dakota House Senator Kristin Roers plans to bring a new hunting bill to the Senate floor. The purpose of the bill to add pink as hunting color option for the state’s big game hunters.

She decided to bring the bill forward after she became aware of the limited shopping options. She said sizes for items in hunting orange were only unisex.

“The options were in orange, only unisex sizes, and in pink, only female sizes,” Roers said. “So my options were to either wear something that fit but wasn’t legal, or wear something that didn’t fit but was legal.”

Roers also said that nine other states allow hunters to wear pink. She plans to introduce the bill during an upcoming meeting of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee.