Deer Named Carrot Photographed with Arrow Through Its Head

by Jennifer Shea

A rather unique deer is wandering around the city of Kenora in northern Ontario. His name is Carrot, and he has a big arrow protruding from his head.

The black-and-bright-green arrow does not appear to be stopping Carrot, however, The Guardian reports. The orphaned whitetail buck has continued to visit wildlife photographer Lee-Anne Carver and her husband in their backyard.

“He’s very gentle and affectionate,” Carver told The Guardian. 

Carrot has been visiting the couple for the past three years. And Carver has grown quite attached to the deer, who she named herself. She is trying to get the word out about Carrot’s situation in the hopes of somehow saving him.

“It’s been really tough to see,” Carver said of Carrot’s new injury. “I’ve been photographing animals for years and there’s something special about Carrot. He’s unlike any deer I’ve ever met.”

Someone apparently shot Carrot last week. That’s when Carver’s husband first noticed the buck had been hurt. When Carver went out to the backyard to see for herself, she found the arrow. But she also found an unfussed deer.

Carrot walked over to Carver and sniffed her hand like usual. And she couldn’t find any blood around the arrow.

“It was very disturbing to see,” she said. “But he was still acting like his normal self.”

Carver has begged local officials not to euthanize Carrot. They’ve promised they won’t. But conservation officers and hunters have told her not to try to take the arrow out. They believe it is stopping the bleeding, so moving it could reopen the wound and lead to infection.

Unfortunately for Carrot, the area where Carver lives doesn’t have a veterinarian who can treat large animals.

So Carver created a Facebook page titled “Carrot the Magic Deer.” She has since heard from people across the globe.

“The Internet is a place where everybody wants to argue about something,” Carver told The Guardian. “But Carrot seems to be unifying people. It’s been so overwhelming so see all of this compassion, that’s sorely lacking in the world right now.”